Statistically Weeping: One Law Student and Her Depression

The first rule many of us are taught in legal rhetoric classes is often issued as the commandment to know thy audience and purpose. Audience and purpose – who are you writing to and what for? Which audience? The legal community: those practicing out in the wild or law students, grinding out the hours somewhere in their first, second, third year. This audience can extend beyond those lines too. To those who love and care about anyone falling into those categories. The point being, the audience needs to be wide reaching. I’d prefer as many people as possible to fill…

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The best career advice I’ve ever received? “Be you.”

The first commandment of law school is to know and honor thyself. During the fall semester of my 2L year, I still felt just as lost as I had on the first day of class. My insecurity eventually drove me to confide in my criminal procedure professor, a woman I admire and respect. She made me feel better about the doubt I couldn’t shake. When I told her that I felt like the small town kid who made a mistake in coming to the big city, she cut me off. And in a Southern accent I had never heard in…

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