The Future of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case of 2012-2013.   After all, Florida law had always recognized the right of self defense in the home under the “Castle Doctrine” from the seventeen century decree.  Protection outside the home was based on common sense law: if threatened with serious bodily harm one had the right to protect oneself and others if retreat appeared impossible.  So, little concern was expressed when the NRA and the relentless NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer pushed “Stand Your Ground” legislation through both houses of the Florida Congress. Longstanding Law Without Recognition: It seemed as if nothing had really changed.  That is until the…

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Stand Your Ground Has Been Used More Than Just Trayvon Martin

Sixty-five year old Michael Monahan had been living in West Palm Beach on a sailboat he had purchased from forty-nine year old Raymond Mohlman.  Monahan had not gotten around to registering the boat in his name when Mohlman and his friend Matthew Vittum paid him visit in April, 2011.  It seems Mohlman had a backlog of $500 worth of citations that he wanted Monahan to pay though the citations were accrued by Mohlman.  Monahan refused to pay for citations he had not incurred even though he was the legal owner of the boat.  An argument broke out between the men.…

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