Your Brain, Law School, and Law Practice: Celebrating Groundhog Day

The beginning of February brings us the annual celebration of Groundhog Day.  If you barely took note of it this year, I understand your apathy.  This dubious holiday is based on a nonsensical notion that a particular groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania can predict the length of winter.  If you believe that, you might also be game for a flat earth day.   Although I do not buy into the weather prediction powers of a random rodent, I do appreciate that it was the inspiration of one of my favorite movies, appropriately titled “Groundhog Day.”  For those of you…

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Your Brain, Law School, and Law Practice: Meet Your Brain

Here is a new year’s resolution that I bet is not on your list - “Get to know my brain.”  Why not?  Well, I bet you think you know it pretty well already.  After all, you have lived with it since birth, and haul it with you everywhere you go.  But given you are roommates for life, you should want to get to be better friends with your brain, even if the relationship occasionally devolves into frenemies territory.  This year, I hope to introduce you, help nurture the bond, and make some suggestions to get you past the rough patches…

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