What you don’t know about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Ms. JD's Global Education Fund Spotlight on Worldwide Education Issues Blog Series -- Health and Education Issues In many communities around the world, education is a luxury that only the privileged elite can afford. The implications of a lack of education are immense. In our American society, without a high school, college, or even in certain cases a graduate or professional degree, one may not receive the same job opportunities or salary. But while many of us in the United States utilize education to climb the corporate ladder, a lack of education can prove to be fatal for women in…

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What I wish I knew before going to law school

Editor's Note: This post is published as part of a series of works submitted by applicants to Ms. JD's 2014 Public Interest Scholarship Program. Each applicant was asked to describe the best advice they never got when it came to law school, lawyering, or public interest law. Applications are open until May 23, 2014.  For more information, click here. I’ve always heard that “law school is an entirely different monster to tackle.” As I sit here writing this, days before completing my first year, I can say I actually understand the implications of that statement. When I first started law school, I was fresh out of college,…

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