“Howl”-ing at the Moon

Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I decided to buy a house.  This purchase wasn’t exactly spontaneous; over the last five (okay, ten) years, I spent a good portion of my spare time dreaming of the day I’d finally own a home, and probably spent even a better portion of my spare time looking at houses all over the internet. Needless to say, between work, undergrad, work, law school, and work, it’s been a long process. When I finally reached the point of jumping off the cliff into first-time homeownership, I jumped really fast.  In a mere 23 days…

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Marbury at Midnight: So, You’ve Decided to be an Evening Law Student

Evening law students are a unique breed. You’ve decided to go to law school part-time, probably while holding down a job in a completely different career, or maybe in the legal career, possibly with spouses and children, and definitely with a colorful masochistic streak that caused you to choose the study of law. As a former evening law student who kept a full-time job from first-year Property to beyond the Texas Bar Exam, I know you’re in for quite a ride. For this holiday season, I offer some pointers that helped me navigate that first wild year after being accepted…

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