SF: Read all about it! 3 Must-read books about The City.

Before I moved to SF, I lived in Berlin, Germany for a study-abroad semester and traveled throughout Europe. My experiences as an international traveler (10/10 would do again) strongly influenced and informed the way that I wanted to approach SF as a new home, a new city, and a new adventure. Though SF was not entirely new -- I grew up in the South Bay, so I did the SF weekend trips -- I never felt like it was my city. I'm working to change that, and through my blog posts I am going to share with you the different…

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Welcome to San Francisco! 3 basic tips.

I am very excited that the annual Ms. JD Conference is going to be held in San Francisco, at UC Hastings! I am a 1L at UC Hastings and I hope that I can help some of our lovely out-of-towners prepare for San Francisco. --- BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE: http://sf.listofcity.com/ ^Literally every single museum, office, park, historical site, SF event that you can think of is listed here. Use it!!! --- First off: Yes, even though we are in California, San Francisco can get pretty chilly, especially in the evening. I would bring light to medium weight outerwear, with an emphasis on…

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