Office Life: Making the Switch to a Legal Technology Company

I have never worked at a law firm. The closest I ever came was Winston & Strawn’s ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work’ Day, in which I helped faux-prosecute the case of Humpty Dumpty. (The exhibits really made our case.) However, I have worked at many large corporations, often collaborating closely with corporate counsel. As a result, I am familiar with the work environment that many lawyers experience day-to-day. If you are considering alternative legal careers - like the ones in legal technology that I recently described - you might wonder how that environment differs from what you’re familiar with. Here…

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Legal Tech: A Different Path for Junior Attorneys

As the legal field adjusts to changes in technology and in the market, the traditional legal career path is also adjusting. Formerly, you might have joined a firm out of law school and put in your time to climb the ranks to partner. However, this path has become increasingly less certain, and for some lawyers, less desirable. Data shows that: 81% of entry-level associates leave their law firm within 5 years. In other words, most lawyers are not building a career at one firm, as they might have done in years past.1 57% of lawyers leave law firms altogether before…

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