First Generation Success Story: Deciding to go to and Preparing For Law School

One of the hardest decisions in my life was also one of my easiest: deciding to go to law school. I know, this seems paradoxical but it is the reality that I faced and lived through. This decision was easy because, as I talked about in last month’s edition, I have always wanted to go to law school. I wanted to pursue my dreams and initiate positive change in the world by becoming a lawyer. However, it still was a difficult decision for me. Should I go? Will I be successful? Can I afford it? These were the questions that…

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My First Generation Success Story: Prologue to My Story

         Imagine a classroom of eight-year-old, third grade students on a typical day of school. Most of the children are laughing with one another, day-dreaming or even playing during the lesson. One child seems unlike the others. This young girl appears to be focusing on the material being presented. She seems to understand the lesson and actively participates in the lecture. It also appears that this child gives off a serious, academic atmosphere. This young lady happens to be myself.          I am just your average 23-year-old gal: I have a loving family, friends,…

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Ms. JD Writers in Residence Program

When I think of all of the advice I have received over the years, there are several tips that resonate in my mind. However, the most important piece of advice would not be considered advice at all. Instead, it was discouragement that ended up being my greatest flame of passion. I had always been relatively successful when it came to school and prided myself at my intellectual achievements. I knew from a very young age that I needed to go to college and I knew I wanted to become a lawyer in the 6th grade. Thus, every step I took…

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