Advice for the Young Female Lawyer

When I was in my second year of law school, I clerked for a juvenile court judge, who was one of the first female juvenile court justices to be appointed in Massachusetts. The first thing I noticed when I stepped into her office was a wooden block sign on her bookshelf that said “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” She smiled at me, and directed me to have a seat in front of her. As I sat down, she pointed to the sign on her bookshelf and said, “I hope you stick with it. It’s how you’ll make history.” She didn’t…

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The Twelve Year Old Girl Lawyer

Has anyone noticed that when people want to call someone young, the standard age they refer to is twelve? I've noticed. I've noticed mainly because people always tell me I look twelve.  I remember my first day ever going to court. I spent two hours just deciding what to wear to make myself look older. Some suits were too baggy and some heels were too high, but I eventually found an outfit that made me think, "okay, I think I can pass for at least twenty-one today." Well, I was wrong.  I had a contentious custody hearing at the probate…

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