How to Keep Your Sanity When Writing Legal Research Papers

Research papers are par for the course in law school. But it's easy to lose your sanity and get burnt out in the process. Use these five tips to help you stay on track and finish your paper on time. 1. Choose a Topic You're Passionate About When writing your paper, choose a topic that you're passionate about. When you care about the topic, you'll find it much easier to immerse yourself in the writing process and stay focused on the task at hand. That passion will also come through in your writing and make it more engaging. Exploring a…

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6 Tips to Improve Your Legal Resume

We've all been there before: You apply for dozens of jobs, but you don't get a single call for an interview. It may not be you. It may be your resume. You may have excellent credentials and a good amount of experience, but if your resume is poorly written, it will be overlooked by hiring managers and recruiters. Use these six tips to improve your legal resume. 1. Tailor Your Resume to the Position Taking a "one size fits all" approach to your resume may be keeping you from getting hired. Hiring managers and recruiters want to see that your…

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