The Influencers: America’s Pioneering Women Law Students

The headline of January 21, 2020, read, “Women Hold Editor-in-Chief Positions at the 16 Most Elite Law Reviews.” It made me smile. I’ve been practicing a long time - close to 30 years. And while women have not been particularly rare in the profession during my tenure, the struggles have been real. Many women still in the profession today can recount the difficulties they encountered convincing law firms they were capable of handling the rigors of a practice. Many women today continue to face issues of inclusion, equal pay, and sexual harassment.  As difficult as those issues have been for…

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The New Serenity Prayer

The New Serenity Prayer My Mom gave me the best career advice I ever received, and I always thought it would be a nice take on the famous Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to lean in when it counts, to chill when it doesn’t, and the wisdom to know the difference. The college-bound tract at my small Catholic high school had a progression of classes that all the “smart” kids took, like freshman algebra, sophomore geometry, junior algebra II, and senior calculus. For my fellow tract-mates, arriving at calculus was as certain as Wednesday chapel or fish on…

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