Project Happiness: Lawyer Edition

A Johns Hopkins Study completed in 2011 canvassed individuals in 100 different occupations, and researchers found that lawyers had the highest incidence of depression.  In 1991, the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division published a study that found that 40% of female attorneys reported feeling dissatisfied with their jobs.  In 1996, lawyers overtook the title for the profession with the highest rate of suicide.  Back in 1995, a study found that seven in ten California lawyers would leave their practice if the opportunity arose. So what gives? Why are lawyers so disenchanted? Or more aptly put, why aren’t more lawyers…

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Your Power is in your Presence: How Meditation Benefited my Law Practice

I was first told to meditate by a psychic who my friend strong-armed me into seeing after our second year of College.  At the time, I was looking for a summer job and my friend decided the only appropriate way for me to get some clarity with respect to where I should be directing my resumes, was to see a psychic.  Upon seeing an outgoing twenty year old female come in his door, the psychic promptly advised that I was meant to work in the entertainment industry and, unsurprisingly, recommended that I direct my resumes to bars and restaurants.  I decided…

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