Navigating Your Career in Times of Uncertainty

Back in December when I was envisioning what this column would look like I had envisioned that the March column would likely focus on how to succeed during a summer internship or an interview with a woman working in entertainment law. But the world has changed a lot since December. Most of the country is under shelter in place orders due to the coronavirus epidemic. Entertainment companies, particularly in the live music or events sector, have been heavily impacted. Firms are reconsidering timing for on campus interviews. Given the uncertainty that we’re all facing, I decided to re-focus this month’s…

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What is the number one piece of career advice you have received?

Build real relationships. I put an emphasis on relationships because we currently live in a culture that repeatedly exhorts people to network. But it’s easy to go to an event and collect business cards. It’s another thing to building a relationship with another person. This does require time and energy, along with the willingness to be vulnerable and curious about the person you’re trying to build a relationship with. In a busy profession such as the law that may seem daunting. But I can attest from first hand experience that the investment is worth it. In the fall of 2017…

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