What Not To Do When Sending Your Resume To A Lawyer

As we all know, attorneys go to law school to learn how to think, read and write like an attorney. More specifically to learn how to think, speak, and write concisely, carefully, and accurately. A legal document that presents the same message concisely in 5 pages will be much more useful than one that rambles on for 10 pages. This should apply to you when you are writing your resume. So if you are sending your resume directly to an attorney, as opposed to a recruiter or HR representative, you will need to tweak your resume to capture an attorney’s…

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Going Virtual: An Option to Achieve Balance

There is no question that working parents struggle with trying to “have it all.”. Having worked full-time, part-time and then "opted out" to care for my young sons, I have come to the conclusion it will always be hard. Each presents its own challenges in achieving balance (yes, even stay-at-home moms find it hard to find time and energy to nurture their own personal interests and keep one foot out the door in between careers) so major kudos to all you working and non-working parents out there!! I worked full-time at law firms in estate planning for a few years, then…

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