Work/Life Portability: The Uniform Bar Examination

There are few things more overwhelming than applying to take the Bar exam. If you are like me, you have lived in multiple states, you have a long list of past employers, and you are not entirely sure about where you want to practice forever. I went to law school in a state that I am not sure I want to practice in permanently but it makes sense to take the Bar exam there as it is where my legal network now exists. So what if in a few years I want to move or apply for jobs in a…

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Interview with Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code, and Passion Forward Conference Keynote Speaker

Editor's Note: Ms. JD's Annual Conference, Passion Forward, will take place February 21st-22nd in Austin, Texas.  In the months before the conference, we are pleased to be bringing you posts from our conference speakers.  To learn more about Passion Forward or to register for the conference yourself, click here. We look forward to seeing you in Austin!The theme for the 2014 Conference is “Passion Forward.” Do you have any advice for young women who don’t necessarily know right now what they are passionate about? We have so many options in a world that is so big and so accessible. In so many ways…

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