1% Inspiration: A New Take on Pressure (Courtesy of Billie Jean King)

As a newly minted attorney, I have several interior monologues running in my head while doing prep work on cases.  One of them goes something like this: "This case involves a real client.  I'm helping a real client.  This is a very real client with a very real life and a very real problem." OK,  so there's no need to read between the lines there.  There is nothing like a real case to help you realize that the academic world of mock trial, moot court, and pretend hypos is long past the vanishing point in your rear-view mirror. Those of us who've finished law…

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A New Attorney Pens a Love & Thank You Letter to Basketball

The start of the 2014-15 NBA basketball season has finally arrived!  Being a fan of the game has enriched my life in immeasurable ways.  This year, though, I will be seeing it with new eyes: as a newly licensed attorney. I was sworn in as an attorney in the Empire State late last month.  The fact that I officially became a lawyer so close to the start of the 2014-15 NBA basketball season has a special serendipity.  It was during law school that I fell in love with basketball.  Looking back, I could only have fallen in love with the game…

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