Law Law Land: TV’s Lady Lawyers

I might as well open with a defining part of my identity: I love television. A lot. I spend a shocking amount of time watching TV, reading about TV, or thinking about TV. It's a wonder I get anything else done. That's why it's somewhat satisfying when what I want to be doing (watching TV) and what I should be doing (law school stuff) converge and I find myself watching TV shows with lawyers, particularly female ones. As I justify "just one more episode," I can fall back on the reasoning that I am watching women who do what I'm…

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Legally Brown

Being brown is one of my best attributes, and it’s one of my favorite topics of discussion. It’s fundamental to my identity and has always affected many of my perspectives, beliefs, and decisions. But when I was younger, no one was expected to talk about race and without the internet (do I sound old?), it was easy to ignore. Then I went to WashU, where everyone wanted to talk about race, and it seemed like people were generally more aware and more thoughtful in their discussions, plus it was a relatively (emphasis on relatively) diverse microcosm of the world. Then…

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