When The Law Breaks Your Heart

Law school taught me a lot of things. It taught me how to read a case, write a brief, argue an issue, and drink as much coffee as humanly possible. Among the things that law school didn’t teach me, however, was how devastating it would be the first time the law broke my heart. In all fairness, I’m not blaming law school for this – I have no idea how you teach someone what it will feel like when you watch a family torn apart and can’t do anything to stop it. For those of you who haven’t faced this…

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When Your Courtroom Nightmares Come True

Alternative Title: What will the Judge, Opposing Counsel, and my client think when I pull out a juice box in the middle of a hearing? As one of two attorneys in my firm, I was fortunate enough to be in court less than a week after passing the bar and getting my license. Since the first time I walked into the courtroom as a licensed attorney rather than as an intern or law clerk, my biggest fear has been having a medical emergency during a hearing. As a type one diabetic, this is likely to happen to me at some…

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