The Media’s Calling? Stop, Drop and Roll

When training attorneys or other professionals to work with the media, I always stress one takeaway: Do not ever do an interview on the fly.Whenever possible, take the "Stop, Drop and Roll" approach:Let's say your phone rings, and it's a reporter. And for some reason you didn't look at your caller ID, and you pick up."Hi, Jane Doe, this is Lois Lane at the Daily Planet. I was hoping to ask you some questions about [major deal, major transaction, business trend, your recent indictment]."STOP. Do not engage at this point. Don't go in cold. Even if it's a benign call, even…

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Build a Better Bio with Haiku

I have an unhealthy obsession with attorney biographies. In professional services marketing, people are the product, and bios are the No. 1 tool for establishing credibility. They are also very difficult to write -- it is hard to talk about yourself, and it's harder still to make it brief, meaningful and client-centric. Many bios stink.Over at the [non]billable hour, Matt Homann shares a formula for answering the old "what do you do" networking question by building on Japanese haiku. As fellow fan Gyi Tsakalakis noted at The Lawyerist, "the exercise forces word economy. But it also places the focus on where it…

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