Considering Law School? Don’t Forget To Do These Three Things

The decision to attend law school can be daunting and it often can feel like it is taking over your life. In order to stay sane, make sure you keep these three things in your mind and you will do just fine! Find Your Support System—Both In and Out of Law School You cannot complete law school with your sanity intact without a support system of some kind. I suggest having a support system both within and outside of law school. For me, I met my circle of girlfriends within the first months of law school and relied on them…

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Five Tips You Haven’t Heard About Interviews and Callbacks

Interviewing for a position at a law firm can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Just like any other test or assignment in law school, as long as you prepare beforehand and keep your cool throughout, you will do great! 1. Get Your Head Right Before the Interview A positive and happy headspace will go a long way in an interview. If you feel content on the inside, it will inevitably show on the outside. In order to get into a positive headspace, do things that you love to do before your interview! Listen to your favorite song, eat…

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