Are Gender Schemas Still Shaping Lives of Women Lawyers

Despite achieving significant fame in the legal world, women lawyers still lag behind their male colleagues in various ways. Billing rates are just one of them. According to a new analysis, female attorneys are paid 10 percent less for their services. While it is true that the number of female lawyers practising today has considerably increased (32.9 percent as of 2014), they are still battling gender bias. Recent studies too indicate that the undercurrent of gender bias does exist in the legal profession. It is imperative for all practicing attorneys to identify areas of gender bias in their profession and…

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Issues affecting Women in the Legal Profession

    Women in the legal profession today no longer face the challenges that were encountered 25-30 years back. However, there are still several unique, gender-based issues they have to face. Women lawyers, especially younger lawyers are judged and compared to their male counterparts almost always. While aggressive women attorneys are often judged as harsh and unpleasant, the passive or those not aggressive enough are termed as weak and someone who lacks self-confidence to do the job. Women attorneys are also criticized for lacking physical attributes like weight, height and/or a deep voice, which are considered to convey experience and…

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