What You Don’t Learn During 1L: Seeing the Practice of Law Firsthand

Editor's Note: We are pleased to share this update from our 2013 Public Interest Scholarship Winner Samantha Morgan.I'm about 5 weeks into my internhip at Vermont Natural Resources Council and already I've learned so much. As much as you learn during 1L year, it quickly becomes apparent how much you don't learn about actually being a lawyer. One of my first assignments at my internship involved researching and drafting a motion to be used in conjunction with the organization's current litigation. Since I had practiced writing such motions during 1L year, that part felt relatively familiar. But then came time to…

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Anticipating my Summer Internship at Vermont Natural Resources Council

When I first started my internship search, there were a few criteria I was looking for. Of course, a part of me felt that I would be grateful for any internship in this economy, and this feeling was bolstered by the stories of a few 2L friends for whom nothing had panned out their first summer. But I also felt it was important to be focused in my search, and seek out meaningful work so that I could further the goals that had brought me to law school to begin with. My first priority was to find an organization that worked…

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