Winning the Law Firm Job Interview

By Paul Freiberger Whether a job interview is a success depends on many things both great and small: how you dress, how you speak, your body language, your facial expression, the “quality” of your handshake and, not least, what you say. That’s only the beginning, and there are a hundred other variables that influence the outcome. Of all those variables, one stands above the others, both for its intrinsic importance and for its relevance to every interviewee. It’s relevant if you’re an interviewing natural with the ability to make the most of a stressful and unnatural situation. It’s equally relevant…

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Lawyering in the Tech World

By Paul Freiberger When people think of lawyers working in tech, especially lawyers who entered the profession with the goal of a tech-centric career, they tend to picture people who came to the law through the technology portal. The quintessential example – perhaps the stereotype – is the MIT graduate who majored in electrical engineering and has made law school part of a journey that leads inevitably back to tech. It’s a career path that parallels the path of a doctor or nurse who adds a JD in order to specialize in medical malpractice or to bring the legal perspective…

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