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Michele Jochner

Effective and winning advocacy in family law matters requires specialized skills to analyze the pertinent legal issues and see the case the way trial court judges and appellate justices do.  An effective lawyer must be well-versed in the controlling case law and applicable procedural rules, with the ability to identify those issues and arguments which are likely to be most successful, and to convey them persuasively. In addition, the ability to envision novel approaches is also required.  Finally, the lawyer must put the client first, and be the strong voice which tells his or her story.  Ms. Jochner is such a lawyer.

In representing clients in high-stakes family law matters, Ms. Jochner draws upon her 15 years of experience as a judicial law clerk to two Chief Justices of the Illinois Supreme Court: the late Hon. Mary Ann G. McMorrow and the Hon. Charles E. Freeman.  During her tenure with Illinois’ highest tribunal, she worked on numerous high-profile matters involving cutting-edge issues of first impression, providing her with a unique breadth and depth of experience in all areas of substantive law combined with a keen understanding of the mechanics of our courts of review.  Her first-hand experience and crucial insights into the State court system provide her with the basis to craft and communicate compelling legal strategy and arguments for her family law clients.

A recognized legal scholar, expert writer and educator to law students and attorneys, Ms. Jochner has authored nearly 200 articles on a wide array of legal topics appearing in publications nationwide, and regularly speaks on legal issues to various groups across the State.  She also is a well-known leader in the Chicago legal community, active with numerous groups including the Chicago Bar Association (CBA) and the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA).

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