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Delania Barbee

Delania Barbee is a lawyer with a passion for business. After graduating from law school, she spent time in the Corporate Law Department of a Fortune 500 financial institution. In her first year with the company, she received a Service Excellence Award for her service to her internal clients. Currently, she works in a law firm with offices along the east coast assisting clients primarily with matters related to information technology and intellectual property. She enjoys working closely with her clients to ensure that their business objectives are met.

Delania has always had a passion for advancing socioeconomic empowerment. This fuels her interest in creating content which will help others accomplish their career or business goals. Additionally, she spends time working towards increasing the pipeline of lawyers of color and increasing the number of lawyers of color who are able to access positions in the legal profession in which lawyers of color remain underrepresented.  Accordingly, she currently serves as President-Elect of the George W. Crawford Black Bar Association and as a member of the Attorney Advisory Committee for the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity.

Delania is most proud of serving as mother to a wonderful kid.

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