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Gabriella Martin

  • City Hamden
  • State CT
  • Country United States
  • Current Institutional Affiliation Quinnipiac University
  • School Status 2L
  • Law School Graduation Year 2018

Coming from a family of musicians, I have always had a passion for music. Since attending law school that passion has evolved in a desire to pursue a career in advocacy for music education, musicians’ rights and the overall success of music institutions (i.e. symphonies, non-profits, and conservatories). Seeing the struggles my uncle has undergone as both a professional violinist and as a recording studio owner, I am very much aware of the concerns that both sides have and I want to work towards solutions from which all music professionals and institutions can benefit.

However, these solutions will only matter if there is still a societal concern for music education. I have experienced first-hand the effect budget cuts have on music education. Through middle school and high school, I was a French horn player in the school band, but because my small town placed little value on having a music program it was the first to go in hard economic times. I also know that without music programs in public education, my family would never have had access to the musical instruments or music education that would go on to play such an integral part of their—and my—life. It because of these experiences that I want to use the legislative and policy skills that I have begun to develop in law school to join efforts to ensure that music education does not disappear from public and private education.

At its core, my professional goal is to keep music in my life in whatever form that takes.

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