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ilise feitshans

  • City Lausanne
  • Current Institutional Affiliation The Council of Europe AND also The Work Health and Survival Project
  • Law School Graduation Year 1983 and 2014

Dr ilise Feitshans,  JD and ScM and DIR is LAWYERGIRL. Ilise loves the law, finds it life-sustaining, fascinating and loves drafting international legislation!
Since the time that ilise was a little girl when lawyers were men with cigars her father, the late Jack Levy Esq. who admitted her to the Bar of the Suprme Court in the United States, ilise was unquestionably encouraged by her father to go to law school. He viewed law school and lawyering as ilise’s destiny; it is reported that he said when lawyerly cigar ashes flew over her baby carriage as he looked upon newborn ilise, “law school law school, you are going to go to law school”  Decades later ilise has served as an international civil servant in the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland and a Member of the Faculty of Columbia University School of Law in the City of New York and has written pro bono briefs on major US Suprme court cases.  ilise views herself as a “genetic lawyer” consistent with her father’s view of her destiny since she was a little girl because her son Jay is now a lawyer too. “I merely passed the gene along” she says, noting that few women were lawyers when she was born and fewer still were moms even at the time that she graduated law school, then pregnant with Jay. Ilise also has a Masters of Science in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University where she wrote a peer reviewed thesis about womens autonomous decisionmaking during pregnancy in light of the Human Genome Project, having served as a Co-Investigator of an ethical legal and social implications (“ELSI”) grant for genetics at Columbia University. Ilise also has a doctorate in international relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and won the University of Lausanne prize for the best research in social medicine and prevention for her thesis “FORECASTING NANO LAW: RISK MANAGEMENT PROTECTING PUBLIC HEALTH UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW”.  But she loves and is most proud of her role as Expert for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for Nanotechnology, where she has written Nanotechnology: Balancing Benefits and Risks to Public Health and the Environment and is the author of the Council of Europe Handbook for Parliamentarians on the Convention Against Medicrime, which was launched in English and French at the OECD conference space in Paris 2015.  Mme Chirac was presented a French version of ilise’s work.
If you want to know more about ilise’s work, ASSE WISE (Women in Safety Engineering) 100 Women Making a Difference In the Safety, Health and Environment Profession” (book by ASSE WISE 2011   and … the interview in the University of Aristotle thesaloniki Greece newsletter of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Nanomedicine and Nanotexnologies Vol 19 Feb 2015, An rticle about Ilise’s report for COE, Agence Europe April 29 2013.discussing her work regarding:  Council of Europe,  http://assembly coe .int/ASP/NewManager/EMB_NewsManagerView.asp?ID=8693&L=2   ALSO: Bulletin electronique, Ambassade de France « Politique scientifique Gestion des risques liés aux nanotechnologies. Une coopération Europe-Etats-Unis November 2013. Ilise was profiled profiled with her children “Teaching Kids With Disabilities“ because she is the single Mom of a learning disabled child who filed a civil rights complaint against his entire school district and succeeded in reaffirming his rights, PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES magazine Sept 2000 New Jersey Developmental Disability Council, Trenton NJ 2000……… AND PLEASE Watch for ilise’s forthcoming book FORECASTING NANO LAW: GLOBAL HEALTH IMPACTS

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