Activities of NWLSO Chapters and Affiliates

NWLSO chapters and affiliates exist to support the needs of their organization and student body. Below are some types of events NWLSO chapters and affiliates have organized, but keep in mind that we want our chapters to be responsive - You know your student body better than we do!

Organizing Programs & Events: This may include a speaker event, a professional event, a mentorship event, or an event that is designed to support women law students. One event which has been particularly successful with chapters is a screening of the documentary Miss Representation, a film about the portrayal of women in American media and public life, with a discussion or reception afterwards to unpack the contents of the film. We always encourage chapters and affiliates to take pictures and notes during events so that events can be blogged about afterwards to keep the momentum going.

Supporting Women Law Students: Some students may want academic resources, such as a panel on becoming comfortable with the Socratic Method or Exam Taking in Law School. Students may also want social activities because meeting new people and fostering friendships is an important aspect of getting through law school successfully. Some ideas to build these relationships include happy hours, or a service project that gives back to the community. For example, Ms. JD has a Global Education Fund (GEF) that provides financial support to women law students in developing countries who otherwise could not afford to pursue higher education. Hosting an event to support the GEF is a great way to unite your organization around a common goal and contribute to a worthwhile cause.

Mentorship: Some chapters have mentorship programs, where newer students (typically 1Ls) are matched with upper-level students with shared interests. Additionally, professional mentorship programs offer a resource for students to learn about navigating the legal field and the particular challenges that women may face in their legal careers.  Ms. JD helped the University of Texas’ Women’s Law Association create their mentorship program and would be happy to help you create yours.  

Below are some successful events from NWLSO chapters and affiliates, but keep in mind that there’s no need for your organization to be limited to the below:

  • Interviewing skills workshops
  • Sessions advising students on how to choose classes, prepare for exams, and apply for clerkships
  • Mentoring programs for 1Ls
  • Networking sessions with local attorneys
  • “A Day in the Life” sessions to discuss their career paths and daily work with practitioners from varied practice areas

With all of the above, Ms. JD is here to support you in any and all aspects of planning and implementing, from brainstorming to determining event logistics to helping you publicize the event to providing you with a platform to blog about your reflections about your organization’s work.

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There is no membership fee or other cost associated with forming an official Ms. JD presence on your campus. If you have any questions you can always feel free to reach out to Ms. JD’s NWLSO liaison, Diana Stern, directly, at

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