Bringing NWLSO to Your Law School

Note: Many law schools may have specific guidelines regarding how to start student organizations on campus (e.g., some schools require student organizations to have a faculty adviser or constitution). You should review the procedures and guidelines for your school prior to beginning the process of starting a Ms. JD chapter, but NWLSO is always here to help you work through this process or speak to administration about the benefits of having a NWLSO chapter on your campus. There is no membership fee or other cost associated with forming an official Ms. JD presence on your campus. The only NWLSO membership requirements are that chapters be nonpolitical (they cannot participate in any political activities whatsoever), and that they be committed to diversity and inclusivity. 

After you’ve reviewed the resources Ms. JD provides to NWLSO chapters and affiliates, to start the process of becoming a NWLSO chapter or affiliate, email Diana Stern, Ms. JD NWLSO liaison and member of the Ms. JD Board of Directors, at Make sure to include a list of members and contact details, if you have them. (This doesn’t need to be extensive, but if you have other interested students it’d be great to have their contact details as well.) Individual members can sign up here. Additionally, if you’d like to see if there already is a NWLSO chapter or affiliation at your law school, you can reach out as well.

Once you’ve received a confirmation back from Ms. JD, you’re affiliated and part of the Ms. JD network. We encourage all chapters and affiliates to then follow our Facebook page, Twitter, blog, and LinkedIn.  Also be sure to add your organization’s email address to the Ms. JD NWLSO Newsletter list here. You can use these various platforms to connect with other law students and practitioners in your geographic area and beyond, update the community on events you’ve had, and invite nearby schools to attend your fundraisers, panels, and conferences.

There is no membership fee or other cost associated with forming an official Ms. JD presence on your campus.

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