NWLSO Affiliation Simplified

What does NWLSO affiliation mean in practice? Ms. JD's resources are designed to help you succeed in all aspects of your law school experience and professional development. As such, the structure is flexible to suit the specific needs of your school.

Some campuses have an official NWLSO chapter that’s connected to Ms. JD on a national level. At other campuses, women’s law school organizations affiliate with Ms. JD and NWLSO by creating a NWLSO liaison within their existing group or otherwise maintaining a relationship with Ms. JD or reaching out when they’d like support.

Regardless of your organizational structure, we hope you'll take advantage of our blogging platform, our events calendar, and our social media platforms in order to connect with other law students, continue conversations, and promote your events. We also always welcome suggestions on how Ms. JD can best meet your particular needs.

In short, NWLSO chapters are what you make of them. There are no rules about how a NWLSO chapter should relate to an existing student group. We encourage you to form the organizational structure that best suits your school and student body's needs.

There is no membership fee or other cost associated with starting a Ms. JD presence on your campus. If you have any questions you can always feel free to reach out to Ms. JD’s NWLSO liaison, Diana Stern, directly, at nwlso@ms-jd.org.

Ready to become a NWLSO affiliate or start a NWLSO chapter?

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