Programming Support from Ms. JD

Ms. JD often provides programming support to chapters and affiliates. From brainstorming events and panels to making connections between potential speakers and chapters, to providing you with a wider platform to publicize your events on our blog and social media platforms, we want to help you make your events a success.

Additionally, by creating formal ties to Ms. JD, you gain access to a national network of employers, mentors, and other students. Recently, Ms. JD has begun to connect students at different law schools in the same geographic area, with the goal of allowing students to make more connections and expanding the reach of Ms. JD within cities. In order to facilitate these connections, we have created NWLSO listservs in New York and the Bay Area. We hope these listservs are used to share events of interest, connect students with similar passions, and build an even stronger NWLSO community. If you're interested in joining either of these listservs, you can click here for New York and here for the Bay Area.

Furthermore, we are always happy to make connections between chapters and affiliates and local law firms and lawyers, either informally or to plan an event or panel. Ms. JD believes in the importance of getting outside of your law school bubble, both to expand your network and to put your law school experience in perspective with regard to professional and personal development.

NWLSO affiliation provides access to Ms. JD’s wide range of social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and our blog, which is widely circulated and receives over 50,000 page views per month. Chapters and affiliates have used our blogging platform and social media platforms to promote events (for example, the Harvard Women’s Law Association used our blog to promote their annual conference), provide a platform for their members to develop a personal brand, and start important discussions.

More broadly, by affiliating with Ms. JD you will get first access to Ms. JD's scholarships, fellowships, conferences, and more. Ms. JD has recently introduced advice columns from Ms. JD board members, has started utilizing Google Hangouts to provide information on a broad range of topics. Upcoming discussions will include: the clerkship process and public interest law.  You will also get access to our resources.  For example, our Ms. JD Fellows have created a handbook on succeeding in law school. As affiliates, you’ll have access to all these resources.

In sum: NWLSO membership or affiliation is what you make of it. Ms. JD is here to support women law students, which means that our support is tailored to you and your community’s needs, but we believe that our broad network and experience working with affiliates and chapters will help your organization succeed at connecting and supporting women law students on your campus, and that affiliation with Ms. JD is beneficial to every student body.

Note on financial support: Unfortunately, Ms. JD is not in a position to provide funding to chapters and affiliates. However, many schools offer financial support to student clubs and organizations, and we are always here as a resource to help you become officially recognized by your law school. Additionally, co-sponsoring events with other student organizations or partnering with a Ms. JD sponsor to put on an event are ways to potentially defray costs of events and programming. If you’d like to discuss this more, feel free to reach out to Diana Stern at We have a lot of experience working through these issues, and we don’t want you to be deterred because of financial limitations!

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There is no membership fee or other cost associated with forming an official Ms. JD presence on your campus. If you have any questions you can always feel free to reach out to Ms. JD’s NWLSO liaison, Diana Stern, directly, at


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