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From Books, to Boots, to Babies, to Bavaria:  The Road to the Right

Looking back on it now, it was a crazy, reckless plan.  Everyone else was studiously concentrating on the bar examination.  Most already had their future employment secured.  Friends were working for large firms in big cities; joining small local firms they had interned with; earning judicial clerkships while some were vying for the few district attorney positions that might be available.  Me?  Sure, I was studying for the bar exam here and there; enjoying the rare sun warming the hills of Oregon; and figuring out how much of my stuff would fit into a U-Haul. My plan was simple –…

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Pre-Law Reading Radar

Hello Ms. JD Readers! On my lunch break from work this afternoon, I found myself at the doors of the Los Angeles Public Library. Etched high above the entrance was a gem of wisdom: “Books alone are liberal and free. They give to all who ask. They emancipate all who serve them faithfully.” It serves as testament to the idea that reading equates to personal development. It also serves as a reminder that at every stage in life, reading holds the potential to enrich our worldviews and free us from narrow-mindedness. And so, with the quote in mind, let’s take…

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Rabiah’s version of “You don’t look like a lawyer”

Audio version of this blog post: https://soundcloud.com/rabiag/rabiah-guls-version-of-you Inspired by Bianca Gay’s blog post on this website entitled “But You Don’t look like a Lawyer…” I also wanted to write a blog post about my personal experiences with how other lawyers’ perceive me--- a Muslim woman and a law student who wears the hijab. The role of race, ethnicity, gender, and religion in the legal field are quite dynamic.   As a law student, I began interning at a court in New York City, and I quickly realized that some individuals in the legal field are no exception to making stereotypes about…

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Rhymes with Awe: Dwell in Possibility

I recently moved to Cairo, Egypt. I had not planned to be living abroad at this point in my life. It was a rather unexpected and unplanned change. Not that the move was unwelcomed, but it certainly had not long been part of my well-crafted plan for professional and personal success. But here I am, living a stone’s throw from the Nile. Upon arriving, I set out to make the most of my new circumstances and explore the world around me. I reached out to a handful of women (older and more experienced than me) to find out how best…

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EPA Honors Attorney Fellowship—San Francisco—for Recent Law Grads Licensed in Any State or US Terr

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Southwest (Region 9), Office of Regional Counsel, is pleased to announce its 2015 Honors Attorney Fellowship. This fellowship is for up to a two-year term, and the fellow is expected to commit to the full term. The deadline to apply for the 2015 Fellowship is January 30, 2015. We anticipate the Fellowship will begin in July/August 2015. The EPA Honors Attorney Fellowship is designed for a recent law school graduate who is a licensed attorney with excellent academic credentials and a strong interest in a career in environmental law or the public sector (see more detailed criteria below). It…

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Law Law Land: TV’s Lady Lawyers

I might as well open with a defining part of my identity: I love television. A lot. I spend a shocking amount of time watching TV, reading about TV, or thinking about TV. It's a wonder I get anything else done. That's why it's somewhat satisfying when what I want to be doing (watching TV) and what I should be doing (law school stuff) converge and I find myself watching TV shows with lawyers, particularly female ones. As I justify "just one more episode," I can fall back on the reasoning that I am watching women who do what I'm…

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Striking a Balance: Redefining “Work-Life”

This past August, I started law school after returning from a teaching stint in China and moved into an apartment with my significant other. Trying to settle into law school as well as my new living situation was both exciting and a little scary. My career and relationship were both starting new chapters simultaneously, and I felt torn to devote the necessary time to settle into my new life. I realized that what law school to attend or whether to live with my partner may have been the easier decisions - the smaller daily choices I make to juggle the different aspects of…

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Discerning Difference…Embracing Empowerment: To Protest or Not to Protest

I hesitated to post this first installment of my column. I wondered: Is this the appropriate forum and audience? Does this support my personal brand? Will it resonate with anyone? Is this topic even on point? It’s ironic to fear exposing a portion of my identity politics in a column about embracing one’s complete identity. Yet, here I am fearing just that -- exposure. Although so much of our identity is based on social construction and perceived realities, one’s identity is an extremely personal thing. It’s one thing to list your qualities, characteristics, and beliefs at a high level; it’s…

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The 2015 Ms. JD Fellowship Application is now open!

The Ms. JD Fellowship, one of our most popular programs, is now open for applications! In 2010, Ms. JD partnered with the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession to found the Ms. JD Fellowship. The Fellowship is Ms. JD's program to promote mentoring and professional development. Each spring, Ms. JD selects a group of outstanding second year law students as Fellowship recipients. In addition to receiving financial support and invitations to ABA and Ms. JD events, each Fellowship recipient is paired with a mentor chosen from among the Brent Award honorees, Spirit of Excellence Award recipients, and ABA Commission on…

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Life as a Law Student: First Impressions

A 1L's Delayed Gratification: Reaching gold level status at Starbucks. Never knew it was a goal of mine until I was two stars away. Happy New Year!  Looking back on a year filled with big changes, new challenges, and hard lessons learned, I have so much to be thankful for and I look forward to what 2015 has in store for me. A little bit of my background: I graduated from college in 2011 and worked at a large firm for about three years as a practice assistant/paralegal. My plan was to work for about a year or two and…

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Rebekah Hanley

Risk and Reward in the New Year

In the new year, I’ve committed to taking a professional leap.  In fact, I’m going to take a few.  And I’m encouraging others to join me. I’m doing this even though some of those leaps will not be graceful.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that some of those leaps will result in me falling flat on my face.  And while I’m not thrilled by the idea of looking foolish, I’m no longer uncomfortable with falling.  So long as I am falling forward and not simply repeating past mistakes, I don’t view falling as failing.   For me, falling may be necessary; I…

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The Inside Scoop: How do I get there?

Hi! My name is Jenn and I’m so thrilled to be writing to all of you. My column title is “The Inside Scoop” and, as the description promises, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in my career while working towards becoming in-house counsel and juggling my personal life along the way. I’m planning to take you along with me on a trip down memory lane: being a newlywed, a new associate, pregnancy and new motherhood at work, stepping up the game as a midlevel, dealing with childcare issues, you get the idea. Most of all, I want to give you my…

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Fundraising Tips from UC Hastings’ Ms. JD Chapter

Money is often tight for student organizations, especially when they are brand new. This was the case for UC Hastings’ Ms. JD chapter – founded in Spring 2014 – and we resolved the problem with a combination of efficient planning and creativity. First, we decided to include a Financial Officer on our board, and to plan ahead. Managing and raising money can be confusing and frustrating, so it is crucial to have one person whose sole role is to take care of financial issues. Planning and communication are equally necessary. Therefore, at the beginning of the academic year, Hastings’ Ms.…

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Ladies of the House: Time to Make the Laws

Inside the historic halls of the U.S. Capitol, a Congressman called me “Girlie.” Was I an idealistic high-school kid touring the building? No, I was a thirty-something attorney serving as Counsel to a Congressional Committee. Actually, I would have hated it in high school too. Fast forward five years, and under a different capitol dome in Denver, I was working with a coalition of nonprofit organizations supporting legislation in a state legislature with the highest percentage of women legislators in the nation - 41% - and led by women serving as Senate President and President Pro Tempore, and House Speaker…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending January 16, 2015

This week, Womble Carlyle announced that Betty Temple will be their first female leader. Temple represents a number of firsts for the 140-year old firm. As well as being their first female leader, she is the first head from outside its headquarters and its youngest ever leader. In this interesting, reflective piece, Maria Wen Adcock admits to judging working moms — until she had kids of her own and realized that “having it all” wasn’t as simple as she expected. Late last year, Senator Gillibrand explained why she hates the phrase “having it all” while Kelly Suellentrop explores the guilt…

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