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Ms. JD Executive Director Search - Candidate Q&A Conference Call

As you know, Ms. JD is seeking an Executive Director! We invite all interested candidates to join us on Monday, August 29th at 8:00 pm EST for an Executive Director Candidate Q&A Conference Call. The dial-in phone number is (712) 770-4700 and the Access Code is 461572. Feel free to submit questions in advance of the call here: Note: In an effort to encourage potential applicants to ask any questions they may have, the form has been set up to allow you to submit questions anonymously.  Even if you do not have questions, we encourage you to dial in to the call to…

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Heather Asher

Ms. JD Launches Inaugural NWLSO Leadership Council - Positions Open!

Ms. JD is home to the National Women Law Students’ Organization (NWLSO), a national organization dedicated to connecting and empowering women law students.  Through NWLSO, Ms. JD connects with existing women’s law student organizations and helps create NWLSO chapters and affiliates on law school campuses. More information on NWLSO and the resources it provides is available here. To further the development of women law students and the leadership pipeline, Ms. JD is expanding NWLSO by establishing a NWLSO Leadership Council that will provide national leadership opportunities for law students dedicated to advancing women in the law. Chair positions will function…

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2016 Public Interest Scholarship Competition:  And the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who participated in Ms. JD’s 2016 Public Interest Scholarship search. This year we had an amazing turnout of essays. From stories of creating support programs to implementing legislation , your essays truly demonstrated how we can all support women in the law. Over the next few months we will share some of these stories on our blog.  While it was difficult to choose our five (no, really, look how long it took us!), we are proud to announce our winners. Without further ado, here are our 2016 Public interest scholarship receipients… Christine Mafnas Christine Mafnas hails from the…

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What Women in Other Industries Can Learn from Women in Privacy

In a business world plagued by gender disparity, careers in privacy are a welcome oasis of equality. “Women and men who are coming into the privacy profession can be confident that they'll find a modern and balanced workforce and that they'll be rewarded for their experience and expertise, not their chromosome count,” the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) proudly declares. Women seem to thrive in the privacy profession, a fast-growing technical and interdisciplinary field that incorporates technology, social issues, and public policy.  The most recent survey by IAPP shows that women are equally represented and compensated in the privacy field. First,…

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Yes, You Should:  Challenge Yourself

I recently returned from ten days on faculty at the IADC Trial Academy, held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.  The trial academy is a trial advocacy training program, providing opportunities for lawyers at all stages in their careers.  For the students, the program lasts seven days and blends small group faculty instruction and demonstration with individual student participation.  Participating in the trial academy was one of the most professionally challenging and rewarding things I have done. There were 13 other attorneys serving as faculty, each with varying backgrounds and practices from different states throughout the nation.  For as different as each person's approach, style,…

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How to Build a Brand Tip #6: What is Positioning?

Positioning refers to a product or service’s place in the market or the strategy of giving a product or service its place in the market. Identifying the ways in which your brand’s benefit uniquely sets it apart from the competition is just one aspect of positioning. Indeed, consumer attachment is as much emotional as it is a rational purchasing decision; consumers buy from brands they like. There’s an adage in marketing that stories sell and facts tell. Therefore, even if your brand is loaded with features and distinguishable benefits, a brand story is an essential facet of a brand platform.…

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Kellyn McGee

Turning the Page: A New Season Forthcoming

As we approach the beginning of the school year, I’m wondering: are these those lazy, hazy, crazy days that we wish will always be here or are they the dog days? A little of both?  Savannah Law School is on a semi-sabbatical, having concluded the summer semester but gearing up for the 1L Orientation happening in a few days.  But even if the activity inside the school is somewhat diminished, outside our walls we are all continuing to do the work of legal education.  Students are completing their externships, internships, and studies abroad.  Organizations are readying their new officers and…

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5 Things I Learned From My Interview with Judge Erin Wirth

I recently had the opportunity to interview Judge Erin Wirth, the first female Administrative Law Judge appointed to the Richmond, Virginia Social Security Hearing office and the first female in a decade elected as President of the Federal Administrative Law Judges Conference. Since graduating from  law school—a childhood dream—Judge Wirth has lived in seven jurisdictions, held eleven jobs, and passed the bar exam in three states. This may seem unusual, but when you consider Judge Wirth’s other role as wife of a Coast Guardsman, those numbers recontextualize as a testament to her commitment to her family and her country. During…

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Confessions Of A General Counsel:  Hire, Hang Out and Hover To Find The Rule Of Law

This is the second post in a four-part series about IRAC as a useful management tool for the new general counsel and explores ways to find the rule of law. The first post, IRAC As A Management Tool; Start With The Problem, explored ways for the new general counsel to identify issues when she arrives at a new company.  What is IRAC?  IRAC is the framework that every law student uses to write her first legal memo. The first section of the memo states the issue, the second section recites the rule of law, the third section applies the rule of law to the particular facts…

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Beyond the Pencil Skirt: A New Year to Thrive

Earlier this week, I sat down to make a few changes to my law review article that is slated for publication this semester. It was meant to be a quick run: update the details and tweak the footnotes. But the editing process inevitably draws me in. I begin wondering whether that word should be switched for this one? If that case has been explained fully? If that analysis should be removed, reworked, recast? I simultaneously love working on my article and groan at the constant room for improvement. I want to hold on to it for as long as possible, but…

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Early Bird Tickets for Ms. JD’s Fourth Annual GEF Cocktail Benefit Sell out Thursday 8/18!

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Bay Area lawyers and other professionals committed to giving voice to women in the legal profession in the US and worldwide. Monday, August 22, at Doc's Lab (124 Columbus St., San Francisco), Ms. JD's Global Education Fund is hosting its biggest event of the year.  The Fourth Annual Cocktail Benefit will feature the R-23s band from Lieff Cabraser, a Rockstar band sponsor of the entertainment, and the very talented Substantial Factors, from Kazan Mcclain Satterley & Greenwood, a Headliner entertainment sponsor. This event promises opportunities to meet professionals in San Francisco who are dedicated to the success of women in the law,…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending August 19, 2016

Teresa Wynn Roseborough, General Counsel for Home Depot, decided that in order to increase diversity in the legal field she needed to be innovative. Specifically she decided to make it a priority for Home Depot to choose outside law firms that valued diversity. Starting law school can be a scary thing. The Law School Toolbox's newest podcast discusses, "Tips for Surviving Law School Orientation." Dina Gerdeman details, "How To Respond To Workplace Adversity With Resilience." Miss Black USA, a Howard University Law School student, discusses Activism and Embracing Black Beauty Yara Shahidi, Blackish star, Interviews Attorney General Loretta Lynch, For…

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It’s Bar Exam Prep Time! Interview with Attorney Gordon T. Herrin on His Best Advice

Gordon T. Herrin is a personal injury lawyer at Herrin Kervin Personal Injury Attorneys in Convington, Louisiana. Mr. Herrin is very active in his community and is not only a member of the House of Delegates Louisiana Bar Association, but spends his free time helping students prep for the bar exam. Mr. Herrin is also Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Council on Aging St. Tammany (COAST), a Board of Directors for the St. Tammany Art Association member, and is married with three great kids.  1) How do you conduct your bar exam prep sessions? First, no procrastination. …

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Your Brain, Law School, and Law Practice: Present and Future

August is a fresh start for students as well as graduates starting new jobs.  Before you lose that feeling of excitement, let’s consider how to plan for a better future in small steps.  The Power of the Present I have talked before about the brain’s inability to engage in accurate forecasting of our future selves.  It leads us, for example, to procrastinate because we think that our future selves will magically be able to handle the task later (on the weekend, after the weekend, tomorrow, next week - just not today).  Of course, that inevitably leaves us with the same skill…

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Top Ten Tips for Law Firms to Make the Most of Summer Programs

Dear Readers- I hope you are well and that your August is off to a great start.  Last week I wrote a post with 10 tips for summer associates to make the most of summer programs. As legal internships draw to a close and we are now knee-deep in on-campus interviewing and job fairs across the country, I thought it would be a good time to share my top 10 tips for law firms who are deciding on offers for their current summer classes and conducting interviews for their summer programs for 2017. Whether you are a law student, law firm or legal department, this…

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