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de minimis per say: Rene Thomas

"You need to plan for A, B, and C because you never know what will happen." Rene Thomas moved to Boulder, Colorado after graduation for a job. On September 11, 2013, it began to rain. It rained harder. Ms. Thomas and her husband bailed water out of their ground-level apartment all night. In the morning, Ms .Thomas e-mailed her boss and told him that she would not be able to come in to work that day, they had been affected by the 2013 Colorado floods. Ms. Thomas missed two days of work dealing with the water. They tried using a…

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Redefining My Passion to Become a Lawyer

I always knew that I wanted to become a lawyer. From watching court shows with my mother at the age of five to participating in mock trials and Social Science INTEL Research in high school, I was, and still am, certain that it is the route I want to take. Upon entering college, I began as a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Pre-Law. I realized that my road to becoming a lawyer had officially begun and I admit that I was nervous. After reading many articles on the state of the legal profession and ones written by lawyers…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Networking Tips for Young Women Lawyers

Summertime brings more than just beach time and fancy drinks with little paper umbrellas by the pool.  That's for relaxation.  Good for you.  You deserve it. But most of you also have jobs to do in the summer, and that usually includes a fair amount of networking opportunities.  Here are some tips from to help you to become a proficient networker.  It may not start off as your favorite thing to do, but it will get easier over time if you follow this advice.  Some of it is pretty fundamental, but it is all part of a larger package. …

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BEEatitudes: So You’re A Lawyer, Now What?

When I graduated from law school, my life was one big fat ugly maelstrom of bar exam stress and financial insecurity. Over a year later, I'm now an attorney, but not much else has changed.  In recent weeks I've attended several events with my parents.  At all of them, they've introduced me as "Bianca, [their] daughter, the lawyer."  My parents are so proud of my accomplishments- sometimes, more so than I am.  They never miss a moment to brag about their successful daughter, the lawyer.  Whereas I sometimes find myself hiding what should be my greatest accomplishment.  Truth be told,…

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Key Tips for Writing the Law School Resume

Turning in a boring, generic resume with your law school application will do nothing to improve your chances for admission. But show admissions officers a well-written, concise and engaging resume, and they will not only be impressed, they will remember you. That’s the name of the application game: being remembered!   KEY TIPS FOR YOUR RESUME: Thoroughly describe your college education, jobs, internships, study abroad experiences, research positions, volunteer positions, leadership positions, awards, skills and more. At the very least, you must have two main sections: Education and Experience.   Include all jobs and internships after high school graduation. If you…

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Ashley Mitchell

This Bridge, This Back, This Baggage: Alumni Responsibilities Already?

‘Geez, can I live?’ This was my immediate reaction when I received my first e-mail as an alumna from my law school, asking for cash. If they only knew that every time I calculate how much I will have to pay per month in order to eliminate my student loan debt in a reasonable time (you know - before the birth of my first grandchild; to provide context, I am currently unmarried and childless), I vow that my law school will never see a dime of my money until then, if ever. To be clear, I have no grudges against…

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Recap - Cutting to the Front of the Line: OCI Prep

[View the story "Cutting to the Front of the Line: OCI Prep Skills" on Storify]

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Kristin Holland

Mentors Matter: Some of the Best Advice I’ve Received

I've been practicing law for 18 years.  In that time, I've externed for a Federal Bankruptcy Judge and worked at three different firms.  I've read many articles on how to make it in a man's world, how to succeed in BigLaw, how to attain work life balance and how to be happy.  Here are some of the best bits of wisdom I've accumulated from mentors over these almost two decades: (1) Hard working lawyers beat lazy lawyers 99% of the time. Here's the truth: preparation is probably more important than the highest I.Q. in most legal situations.   If you are…

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Dispatches from the Y Chromosome - Dispatch #6: “Be an Advocate for Yourself” - Shannon Forchheimer

Shannon Forchheimer is the Lead Attorney in the Washington D.C. office of Montage Legal Group, the force behind the brilliant But I Do Have a Law Degree blog, a self-described “BigLaw Exile,” and mother of three rambunctious boys. Shannon attended law school at the University of Pennsylvania, worked at large law firms in New York and Washington D.C. and then, after almost six years of practice, left the practice to focus on being a mom to her, then, two boys. Since leaving she’s added a third son, started But I Do Have a Law Degree, a well-read blog, began a…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Young Women Lawyers Must Be Open To Change

In a recent interview in Politico, Judith Salerno, president and CEO of breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen, talked about the challenges of reversing the fortune of the charity after the decision of the prior CEO to withhold funding from Planned Parenthood because of concerns about abortion funding. You may remember the buzz and the fuss that followed that decision. That is when Salerno was called in for the top job. Judith Salerno knows a little about change and choice. She had her three children while she was a medical intern, resident and fellow. That meant that she always was…

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10 Steps To Taking LSAT Practice Tests

Many test-takers mistakenly believe that taking a large number of LSAT practice tests is the best way to guarantee a high score on test day. Some LSAT “gurus” suggest taking 30, even 40 practice tests in the course of several months; others recommend taking one or two tests a day in the weeks leading up to the exam. Cranking out test after test is a grueling regimen, and not necessarily a productive one. Without a concerted effort to improve their conceptual understanding of the test, most students quickly hit a “plateau” in their scores; others see their performance languish due…

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Easy Spice Rubbed Tilapia

If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty busy during the day, whether it be running around from meeting to meeting, prepping a client for their deposition, or just plain old busy writing briefs. And when you get home at night, you definitely don’t want to spend any time cooking so you break open a frozen dinner and work out your microwave for 5 minutes. I used to also be a fan of takeout menus – Chinese, Japanese, Italian – anything! I still am, I just try to limit myself to takeout when I’m actually craving that type of food as…

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Cameron Rhudy

The Artful Lawyer: It Pays to be Patient

Sometimes certain events or experiences in my life turn out to be buzzing oh so subtly with an underlying theme. These themes generally serve as reminders for a particular life or professional lesson. Does this ever happen to you? For me, lately that theme has been patience. Patience is probably most commonly thought of in the context of relationships, with our friends, family, coworkers, and even clients. For example, I try to be patient with my husband when we are running late for an event and he stops to turn on the television one last time to check the score…

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Finishing Your Internship Strong, even if you hate it.

A lot of advice exists on how to start off strong (which is very useful), but not enough advice exists on how to cross the finish line as a model student intern.  If your summer position was less than a stellar experience it's still important that you finish on a high note.   I’ve had students that don’t “get” the mission regarding poverty law.  They didn't realize not all lawyers are in court every day of the week; or they realize that it’s not as prestigious as they would like; or they realize that this just isn’t the area of law…

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valerie lherrou

No Longer Extraordinary: the holistic job search

I have been reading some articles recently that take opposite views on this question: whether, between the improvement in the legal jobs market, and the fall off in law school enrollment, there will soon be a shortage of new lawyers. Proponents of this view project the ratio of new law grads to law jobs reaching some kind of equity as early as 2016. If this is in fact the case, this is excellent news for those matriculating this fall, who will graduate in 2017. Weighing in the side of this rosy view are Slate and National Jurist. On the other side of this debate…

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