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Don’t conform, fight the struggle, and continue to be different

One piece of advice I received before attending law school was “Do not conform.” I thought to myself, huh don’t conform? I didn’t really understand the underlying significance or the relevancy to a law school setting. Why would conformity and being true to yourself be an individual struggle for a law student at a law school? I assumed since it is a professional school, with students who were more mature, independent thinkers and were at law school for larger goals (i.e. justice, and equality) that I wouldn’t feel the need to fit in because they wouldn’t be concerned about trivial…

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What’s Your Number?

In the process of planning out law school applications, I now have gotten some fantastic responses to my posts from several people.  Thank you so much for responding!  I’ve discussed the different law specialties that I’ve looked at and wondered whether or not I’ll even get into law school.  It hasn’t exactly been light stuff, but I’ve been so thrilled by the responses.  Thank you, Ms. JD community! And this time, I’m reaching out again. How many law schools does the typical person apply to? My plan is to start studying for the LSAT sometime after I graduate with my…

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Interview with a Privacy Professional

Privacy is a hot topic right now and it has a global reach.  Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Taieb a Senior Associate in the Paris office of Hogan Lovells to learn about her career as well as learn about the privacy field. Could you provide a brief summary of your professional background? I studied law in France at the Université de Paris X Nanterre where I studied both French law and Anglo-American law and earned a dual degree.  Then I attended the University of Richmond in Virginia to obtain a JD.  I took the New York…

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Retooling at Midlife or Beyond:  Tips for Revitalizing or Transitioning a Legal Career

Increasingly, Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are assessing their career plans. For some, the time has come to transition key client relationships to seasoned associates or junior partners. For others, a midlife review of career accomplishments, goals and objectives is in order to determine next steps. Whatever your case, consider the following tips for revitalizing your career or transitioning to the next level. Keys to Revitalization Understand Your Career Focus. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been, as the saying goes. Take stock of your career progress to date. What are your professional accomplishments? What have you enjoyed…

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Women Leading Change: 4 Questions to Aid You in Discovering the Leader Within

Leaders are lead problem solvers. A leader’s vision moves beyond the limitations of a problem to a vision for creating change. Evangeline M. Mitchell, founder of the National Pre-Law Diversity Initiatives, Inc., is a lead problem solver who is promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. For over a decade, she has committed her work to creating a pipeline for aspiring law students from diverse backgrounds to not only strive to reach their dreams of becoming an attorney but to thrive. Her publications, conferences, and summits provide students with the tools to work effectively, think critically, and advance social…

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Crayons in the Briefcase: Looking the part

Sometimes I think I might have returned to law a little bit too soon.  Yoga pants are still not acceptable courtroom attire (not even the Betabrand yoga work pants), and that is a problem.  When you've spent nearly two years in yoga pants and T-shirts--or yoga pants and your husband's sweatshirts, depending on the season—it’s an adjustment to going back to wearing slacks, or skirts and (Eek!) hosiery. One would think this would be an easy adjustment for me.  After all, for the better part of the six years following my graduation from law school, my weekend uniform consisted of pajamas,…

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1Hell: An Evening Student’s Guide to Surviving Law School: Networking

Over the past decade, the number of law school graduates has increased tremendously, causing the market to be bleak for new attorneys.  No matter how hard you work to achieve outstanding grades during law school, you will still face an uphill battle when it comes to finding a job.  Unfortunately, the old cliché of it’s not what you know; it’s who you know has never been more true.  While you certainly need to know the law, now, more than ever, you also need to be able to make connections with practicing attorneys well before the job search begins.  Evening students…

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5 of the Best Networking Events for Women Lawyers

Networking is still the number one way to find a job, according to a Right Management survey, where 41 percent of the people earned jobs through networking, as opposed to other options, like internet job boards, job agencies, and online networks. Although lawyers aren't always looking for a new job, the fact that physical, face-to-face networking is still so crucial shows the distinct need for networking events when searching for new clients, business partners, and even coworkers.  Image via Flickr by JodiWomack Luckily, the world is filled with popular networking events for lawyers, so keep reading to learn about events…

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Attorneys Across America: Featuring Katherine Frye

From a tiny office in rural Alaska to a skyscraper in Manhattan, from The Sunshine State to The Prairie State, Ms. JD's Attorneys Across America series seeks to capture snapshots of successful women attorneys practicing law from sea to shining sea. Katherine Frye runs her own practice in North Carolina. We asked Katherine a few questions.  Where do you practice law? Raleigh, NC Describe your legal market. What is the size of the market? How would you describe the culture? Our legal market is competitive; however, it is also an interesting mix of individuals. Our area has a tremendous number of transplants to…

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Marbury at Midnight: Ode to Evening Law & Story of a Night-Law Student

This is the story of a girl who wanted to be a heavy metal guitar player. Many people will ask you throughout your career, and especially when you first apply to law school, “What made you want to (go to law school, become a defense attorney, a prosecutor, a corporate attorney, go into real estate law, consulting, mediation, etc. etc.)?” Some people dream of serving their communities. Some, of becoming lions of the courtroom. Others, simply because they’ve always been drawn to the law, whether the research, reading, trial preparation, competition, or for a million other reasons that anyone becomes…

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Taking the “Me” Out of Mediation

Law school molds us to be competitive. The courtroom encourages us to be adversarial. As law students, we sometimes forget that there is any other modus operandi other than being tough and unyielding. Ironically, often the opposite approach leads to satisfactory and meaningful outcomes for attorneys and clients alike. During my second year as a student at The John Marshall Law School, I began mediating small claims and custody cases in courthouses throughout the Chicago suburbs for the Center of Conflict Resolution. It is a volunteer position and a majority of the time I am dealing with pro se litigants. They…

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Life as a Law Student: Before That First Deposit

A 1L's Delayed Gratification: Never have I asked, "Pizza, again?"  Just this past week, as I observed from my nook in the library the prospective students milling through the law school for Admitted Student Weekend, I was doused with a bit of nostalgia of how I, too, had once looked so hopeful. Just kidding. But seeing all of these new students did remind me of how at around this time last year, I, too, was making my rounds, trying to make some sense of what it is I was looking for. For me, my final choice boiled down to two great…

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Law Law Land: How Do You Know?

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and spring is most definitely springing. At one time in my life, this time of year meant date parties, formals, and endless outdoor celebrations.  For prospective law students, however, it means much more. It is once again Admitted Students Weekend time for those who are about to start law school, and oh boy is it a whirlwind. We had ours this past weekend, and as I talk to bright-eyed, eager future law students, answer their questions, and listen to their worries, I find myself reliving my own horribly stressful decision-making process circa spring…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Pre-Law: How to make the most of your LSAT prep course

I have always been a firm believer that every experience is only whatever you make of it. You are responsible for making the most out of every opportunity. Your LSAT prep course is no different. The test prep company, the instructor, the class - none of them are responsible for your success on test day. Rather, it is up to you to make the most out of the resources you have and hustle to get that elusive 180! Here are my top 10 tips to get your hustle started: Prioritize your life. For the 12 or 14 weeks before your…

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With all this technology, why are face-to-face encounters so important?

Showing Up Is 80% Of The Battle. Nothing can take the place of face-to-face meetings. It's true that "staying connected" is crucial and most easily done through online communications. The next method is the telephone. Those who know how to use it, and use voice mail effectively, get much more done. Picking up the phone is more meaningful than sending an email. We've all done business with people who send emails or replies simply to log the "response" on the score card. We all know the "Hi, it's me. I have a quick question for you. Can you give me a…

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