Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of the Girl Scouts, will Keynote the 2016 8th Annual Ms. JD Conference

Ms. JD is proud to announce that Anna Maria Chávez, Chief Executive Officer at Girl Scouts of the United States of America, will keynote the 2016 Ms. JD 8th Annual Conference, Superwomen JDs.   Ms. JD chose Anna Maria as the 2016 Ms. JD Keynote because she embodies this year's conference theme, Superwomen JDs. Anna Maria first found her superpowers like many young women, as a Girl Scout, and since then she has always been actively involved in social engagement. Anna Maria pursued a bachelor’s degree in American history from Yale University before aiming her sights on a juris doctorate at the…

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Heather Asher

The Top Five Reasons to Attend Ms. JD’s Superwomen JDs Conference on February 19!

Ms. JD looks forward to welcoming attendees from across the country to its 8th Annual Conference on Women in the Law: Superwomen JDs, on Friday, February 19th at NYU School of Law.  Registration and speaker information is available here.   For those that are wondering why people continue to travel each year to Ms. JD’s annual conference, below are the top five reasons that you HAVE to attend this year’s conference. 1.  Diversity: Ms. JD is focused on supporting women in the law, but recognizes that gender is only a part of what impacts women’s experiences.  At the conference, you will see…

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Reputation Is the Next Currency

Young professionals have a lot on their mind today, not least of which is surviving in the world of our chosen career endeavor. We are constantly conscious of our social adaptability and the overall ability to fit in.  With the growing reliance and integration of technology, we no longer have the comfort of hiding behind solid walls. We are all connected, and how we portray ourselves in the greater universe is, at the end of the day, all we have. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, and it is the currency of the future. In our world today, people…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending February 12, 2016

Paulette Brown, American Bar Association President, laments law as 'Least Diverse' Profession. After dismal finishes in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, Carly Fiorina is no longer in the 2016 presidential race. When announcing her decision on Facebook she specifically addressed her female readers, stating in part, "to young girls and women across the country, I say: do not let others define you. Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or for a certain candidate because you’re a woman." Raquel Baldelomar discusses, "nearly twice as many women than men ages 18 to…

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Stacking Bread On The Baby

I know smart women.  I know plenty of smart, successful women.  I count among my close friends the general counsel of a major professional sports team, a partner and former hiring chair of an Am Law 100 firm, a law professor who also holds a Ph.D., and the director of marketing and business development of an Am Law 200 firm, just to name a few.  By all measures, these women seem to have found a way to have it all: accomplished legal careers, loving spouses, happy families, fulfilling friendships, and even social lives. Their designer clothes are neatly pressed.  Their…

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#SuperwomenJDs: Ms. JD Board Member Jane Rosales

As we prepare for Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference, we are asking each of our board members and volunteers to reflect on their superpowers and superheroes/superheroines.  Feel free to join us by posting your own responses to the questions below.  Better yet, join us for an out of this world conference on Friday, February 19, 2016 in NYC! 1. What is your superheroine avatar? 2. What is your superheroine theme song?  I couldn't pick just one song so I made a playlist of all the songs that are fun or inspiring or the type of music you need to listen to to get stuff…

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Desi Lance

The Importance of Getting Involved

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin   I think one of the most effective ways of learning is by doing. Yes, an argument can be made that some people learn better by watching or listening; however, I believe that the majority of lawyers (no matter which type of law they practice) learn predominately by doing; by getting involved and immersing themselves in the relevant legal process. For example, I learned a little bit about what tax regulations and case law consider to be income as I sat…

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Office Hours with Professor Alice Armitage

This week, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Alice Armitage, associate professor of law at UC Hastings and director of Startup Legal Garage. A warm welcome and many thanks for her willingness to contribute to this series with the following interview:   Office Hours  What drew you to law school? First as a law student and then as a professor. My path to law school was more of a winding road than a direct path. In college, I never considered going to law school and, in my senior year, was planning to go directly to grad school in…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Is It All Bad News For Women Lawyers?

I have written before about the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) most recent Annual Survey on the progress of women lawyers.  At first blush, it's pretty discouraging --- as it has been for the previous eight years. I am especially disappointed with the reporting on the gender compensation pay gap.  Equal work should mean equal pay.  These figures appear to be affected by a lot of gender bias and failure to recognize that men and women approach work differently.  It should not all be about billable hours.  Regrettable to be sure. However, I recommend that you keep an open…

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Ms. JD Help Changed My Life. Donate & Change Another’s

When I was accepted to work for the NAACP National Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, I had just enough money saved to pack my bags and move from Los Angeles, CA to Baltimore, MD.  The job was paid, but the housing, transportation, and everyday necessities simply made it so everything would balance out. However, the extra money the JD scholarship provided me, took me from just being “alright,” to being able to find comfort in such an unfamiliar place for me. Experiencing the Baltimore/D.C. area was equivalent to living in a dream! It’s absolutely amazing, and although our supervisors took us…

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