Ms. JD has EXTENDED the Deadline to Apply for the NWLSO Leadership Council!

Ms. JD has EXTENDED the Deadline to Apply for the NWLSO Leadership Council to September 30th! This is a great opportunity for law students who are looking to take on leadership roles! Details about the NWLSO Leadership Council and how to apply can be found below. We look forward to receiving your applications! Ms. JD is home to the National Women Law Students’ Organization (NWLSO), a national organization dedicated to connecting and empowering women law students.  Through NWLSO, Ms. JD connects with existing women’s law student organizations and helps create NWLSO chapters and affiliates on law school campuses. More information…

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A Profile on Eli Mattern: Founder of SavvySuit

Why did you come to law school? A question majority of first year students fear being asked as they enter their legal education. For Eli Mattern, the question was not feared; rather it was encouraged because her answer was clear, and filled with passion.   Eli Mattern always knew she wanted to be a business owner, and she knew that by coming to law school she could attain the skills needed to run a business. And she did just that. As a theater undergraduate major, she felt that it prepared her well for law school. A playwright describes a protagonist and…

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There Is Gender Equality in the Privacy Field…But Will it Last?

In recent ACC, IAPP, and VentureBeat articles, we explored the subject of gender parity and disparity in the privacy and security professions. There are stark differences in how the two intersecting professions treat women. According to data from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the median salaries for privacy professionals are equal between men and women, and women are as likely as men to hold leadership positions in the field. In contrast, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2’s most recent Global Information Security Workforce Study reports that “women in the information security profession represent 10% of the workforce — a percentage that is unchanged…

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So You’re a 3L Now? Tips on Securing a Post-Bar Job

The time is finally here. You’re a 3L now. The last two years as a 1L and 2L may linger a little, but they are far gone now. After the initial excitement of returning to law school, you might begin to fret a little at the thought of having only two semesters left before you graduate and take the bar exam. Within these last two semesters, your schedule will be booked before you know it. There’s class, externship work, moot court, law review, student activities, networking events, going to the gym, bar night, oh and bar prep – we can’t…

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Meet Kimberley Motley: The Only American, Westerner, and Woman to Practice Law in Afghanistan

Say hello to Kimberley Motley, the first American and foreigner to hang a shingle in Afghanistan in 2009. She began her practice defending foreign prisoners, and it has evolved into an international litigation practice where she represents Afghan men and women, international and foreign companies, NGOs, embassies, and people around the world. She has achieved countless victories throughout her career, handling many heartwrenching cases and single-handedly bringing justness to Afghanistan. Some of her most remarkable successes include a case where she helped an imprisoned teenage rape victim receive a presidential pardon from former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, and a case where she brokered a…

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Life in the Law School Lane: 8 Zoolander Quotes that Describe Your Law School Life

“Did you ever think that there’s more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good at hypotheticals?” – Derek Zoolander, Law Student 1. Derek Zoolander: You think you’re too cool for school, but I have a newsflash for you Walter Cronkite…you aren’t. Everyone talks about how similar law school is to high school. When 200-500 students take classes all in one building, cliques are bound to form. But let’s face it, if you are in law school, you are a huge nerd. No matter how “cool” you may feel walking down those hallways, because of your above-average-for-law school athletic abilities…

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Your Personal Statement: Transforming Your Harrowing Writing Experience into an Inspired Journey

Many will lead you to believe the LSAT is the most difficult part of the law school admission process. The test is challenging, but it’s an analytical test with a clear process: learn the test, complete questions, and repeat. It tests analytical ability, and it makes you work hard for every point, but there’s actually more frustration from another component of the process: the personal statement.  It’s a completely different type of challenge. You hear it in applicants’ voices, see it in their posture, and identify it clearly when they cancel meetings and act noncommittal about topics.   When an…

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Confessions of a General Counsel:  Give Oxygen To The Law And Apply It To The Business

This is the third part in a four-part series about IRAC as a management tool for the new general counsel. It explores ways to apply the rule of law to the specific issues in your company. *Before reading on you might like to read the first post and the second post. INTRODUCTION:  WHAT IS IRAC? IRAC is the framework that every law student uses to write her first legal memo. The first section of the memo states the issue, the second section recites the rule of law, the third section applies the rule of law to the particular facts and the last section…

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Not fLAWless but Fearless: The Five People You Should Befriend in Law School

Just a few short weeks ago, I started off the beginning of the school year by fulfilling my duties as a Student Ambassador for the law school, which meant that I was involved in 1L orientation. This meant a lot of new introductions to nervous, starry-eyed peers whose shoes I was in just one year ago. I consider it a privilege to offer advice and insights about my personal experiences in a way that I hope prospective and new students can utilize. I’ve always valued that sort of information from others as I begin a new chapter myself, so I consider it a…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats Recap: Carving a Path to In-House Counsel

On September 12th Ms. JD sat down with a talented group of attorneys who work for companies of various sizes and name brands - each of whom has taken a different route to land in-house.  Our panel of experts shared how they went in-house, tips for determining if an in-house position is right for you, and valuable insight on getting yourself there!  

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