Ms. JD Welcomes Two New Members to the Board of Directors!

Ms. JD, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession, is very excited to welcome Jane Rosales and Erin Callahan to the Board of Directors. Erin Callahan attended her first Ms. JD conference in 2011 and has served on the conference committee for the past two years. In addition to serving on the Ms. JD Board of Directors, Erin also serves on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Women Lawyers Association. “I am excited to be joining the Ms. JD Board of Directors and I'm honored to have been selected. I…

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The Inside Scoop: Plotting the Move

One day you see it -- a job posting for a company that totally intrigues you. Or you get a phone call from that client you love, who tells you she just might have an opening soon. You may even get a call from a headhunter. However it happens, it will happen at some point in your career. Someone will be interested in you or you'll spot a position that gets your pulse racing.  There are a million different ways this can play out. I just want to give you some tips on how to navigate the minefield as best you can.…

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Black Women Lawyers’ Association Pilot Pipeline Program:  How BWLA is Owning its Destiny

Where are all the black women lawyers? The Black Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater Chicago, Inc. (BWLA) sought to answer this question at its 2014 Spring Fundraiser Luncheon. The answer was simple—black women lawyers are literally everywhere.  Although black women lawyers are practicing in all areas of law, there are still very few black women in private practice. In large law firms, black women account for only a small percentage of associates and partners, and an even smaller number of equity partners. According to a 2012 National Association for Law Placement Press Release, black women make up just 2.55% of…

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Life as a Law Student: The Older One

A 1L's Delayed Gratification: Joining the law school bowling league! (Proven to be a good, concrete example to give to interviewers about my ability to balance school and life.) When life happened and I ended up taking three years off before heading off to law school, I figured that being 26 and starting my professional law career wouldn’t be such a problem. After all, the average age of first year law students is around 25. Although I may have been won over by the average age across law schools, when I started at mine, I was not at all thrilled to discover…

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Month 3: Jump right in, the water’s cold.

I was hired as a patent attorney at a boutique IP law firm for one of my previous jobs, but I ended up playing many roles and wearing many different hats. One reason for this was because random civil cases would come in through the door every now and then. When these cases would come in, I asked for it or I didn’t say no when opportunity came around. I wanted to challenge myself and develop different skill sets to become a sort of a legal chameleon, if you will. Doing this helped me stand out from my peers and…

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LSAT Motivation: The Scoring Scale and Your Percentile

Let me preface this post with an explanation of my intent: I think as almost everyone approaches their LSAT administration there are moments when scores occasionally plateau and performance feels stagnant, and motivation can quickly vanish as a result. This is especially apparent in the mid-ranges, as students creep their way through the 140s and 150s, grinding for every point---people starting out and generally scoring lower find that everyday brings new revelations and scores improve quickly, while people in the upper ranges (160s and beyond) are naturally motivated by the consistency of their success, but for test takers toiling to…

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Top takeaways from the 7th annual Ms. JD Conference: Stronger Together.

On Friday, March 6th, I had the pleasure of attending the 7th annual Ms. JD Conference, offered in partnership with UC Hastings College of the Law in downtown San Francisco. Ms. JD, a nonprofit organization headed by President Katie Larkin-Wong and Executive Director Heather Byrd Asher, works to increase opportunity and gender equality for women in the field of law from the earliest stages of their careers.  This year's conference was focused around the theme "Stronger Together," and addressed special attention to diversity -- from intersectionality between minority groups to the inclusion of men in feminist movements. Welcoming Remarks The…

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1Hell: An Evening Student’s Guide to Surviving Law School: Nurturing Your Relationship

Prior to beginning law school, I was working full time at a law firm.   When the attorneys I worked with found out that I would be attending law school in the fall, they all seemed very happy for me.  However, they all gave me the same advice: DON’T DO IT.  Once they realized that they weren’t going to change my mind, they began to tell me stories about when they were in law school and they gave me advice (some good, some bad) about how to be a successful law student.  One thing I kept hearing from my friends that…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Women Lawyers of the Sandwich Generation

You have heard of the Sandwich Generation, right?  The generation of women, who have responsibility for their children and also for their aging parents and family members.  Although I am technically no longer "raising my children," I still can relate to the challenges and struggles of those of you who are, and I definitely am helping to care for my nearly 100-year-old Mom.  Some of you may be actively engaged with raising children and caring for aging adults, and I wish you well.  It is a lot of work. Mom recently broke her hip, and I made an emergency run…

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Announcing the Ms. JD 2015 Summer Public Interest Scholarships!

Ms. JD is pleased to announce the opening of our 2015 Summer Public Interest Scholarship Competition! The winners of this year’s Public Interest Scholarship Competition will each receive a $500 scholarship to go towards their summer living expenses as they pursue careers in public interest law.  Ms. JD is thrilled to continue our annual support of women pursuing public interest careers, as part of our ongoing efforts to support mentoring and career development at home and abroad. Women law students entering their second or third year at an accredited U.S. law school and working the summer of 2015 at least 35 hours…

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