Heather Asher

SAVE THE DATE - Ms. JD’s Ninth Annual Conference on Women in the Law

Ms. JD is excited to announce the date and location for its next annual conference - March 3, 2017 at Northwestern School of Law.  Stay tuned for more details! You can view information on the format and topics covered at the last conference here. The annual conference includes a reception honoring the recipients of theMs. JD Honors awards.  These awards are given to men and women who have made significant contributions to promoting women in the law. Nominations for the Ms. JD Honors awards are open until October 5, 2016 and nomination instructions can be found here.  We look forward to receiving your nominations and learning about more…

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Kellyn McGee

Turning the Page: HalfTime

We are halfway through the summer and it’s beginning to heat up.  Here in Savannah, we’ve experienced the normal rising temperatures but we’re expecting to be in 100-degree, sunny weather in the upcoming days.  It’s hot, humid, and we look forward to the evening rains.  Kayley’s and Zandrill’s summers have heated up on the school and work fronts.  While Kayley is still taking appointed cases in juvenile court, she recently accepted a great opportunity to get back into family law.  A small, two-attorney firm decided to hire a part-time attorney to handle its family law practice and contacted the career…

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Confessions Of A General Counsel:  IRAC as a Management Tool; Start with the Problem

This is the time of year when friends reach out to me as they join new companies. The advice that I wish someone had shared with me when I joined my first executive team is this: IRAC is for more than memo writing. Embrace it and let it pave the way for you.   IRAC. It is the framework that every law student uses to write her first legal memo. The first section of the memo states the issue, the second section recites the rule of law, the third section applies the rule of law to the particular facts and the last…

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Life in the Law School Lane: 4 Ways to Make the Most of your Big Law Summer

It is a very exciting time to be a Big Law Summer Associate ("SA"). Many of us have gotten raises (thanks Cravath!) and are more than halfway done with our “10-week interviews.” Summer has been flying by, and hopefully with the tips that Kristine Cherek gave us back in her May post, we are all well on our way to receiving offers and returning to our firms. July is a time when us Summers start to feel more relaxed and confident in our legal abilities. However, we need to refrain from getting too comfortable over the next few weeks, even if…

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Beyond the Pencil Skirt: Women Who Inspire Me to Thrive

Happy 5th of July! As many of us returned to work today after a weekend of celebration, I’m not sure I’m ready to let the celebration end. However, the legacy I have been pondering this past month is not the foundation of our nation, but instead the legacy of women in the American legal field.  My focus shifted toward the beginning of women in the American legal profession when I found myself considering all the things that law school does not teach us. Even when we immerse ourselves in every opportunity to learn both the law and the skills necessary to…

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Student to Lawyer, Stuck in the Middle: Finding a Job – Part 1

One of the biggest issues most law school graduates and bar studiers encounter is finding a job after law school. For some graduates you already have your job lined up and that is awesome! For those of you who don’t have a job yet it can be a stressful time. As the title of this blog might suggest I am hoping to get multiple posts out of the topic of “job search.” In a perfect world this will include general tips from yours truly, tips from a career advisor at a law school, and tips from attorneys who hire for…

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Desi Lance

For the Dreamers

"Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." –Gloria Steinem I'm a day dreamer. There I said it. I spend a lot of my time thinking about the future. Most of the time I feel guilty about it because I feel like I'm not "living in the present" as we are so often told to do. However, this quote has made me think very differently about my day dreaming tendencies. When some people think of lawyers, they think we are all logic and reason mixed with a side of serious. Our profession is not viewed as creative or innovative. Instead…

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Your Brain, Law School, and Law Practice:  More than One Side to a Story

An Updated Story of Solomon Remember the story of Solomon, a wise ruler who figured out how to solve a tough problem involving competing claims to a baby?  (Hint: he made a threat that would be considered highly problematic under current judicial guidelines.)  Let’s play “You be Solomon.”  Read this story and decide who should get the baby: “This case is about a little girl (Baby Girl) who is classified as an Indian because she is 1.2% (3/256) Cherokee.  Because Baby Girl is classified in this way, the South Carolina Supreme Court held that certain provisions of the federal Indian…

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Heather Asher

Ms. JD Honors - Submit Your Nominations!

Ms. JD is proud to continue honoring exceptional women and men making contributions to the advancement of women in the legal profession through Ms. JD Honors. The Ms. JD Honors Reception will take place in connection with Ms. JD’s next annual conference at Northwestern Law on March 3, 2017. The Ms. JD Honors awards will celebrate those who demonstrate passion for their careers and share that passion with other men and women. Nominations are due by Wednesday, October 5, 2016.  Below is a description of the awards and instructions for submitting nominations. Woman of Inspiration Award - To a woman who, regardless of her practice area or type of practice, inspires…

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Letters from Uganda: Brenda Abiria

Ed. Note: In 2010 Ms. JD launched the Global Education Fund to enable women in developing countries to pursue legal educations who otherwise would not have access to further education.  Ms. JD International Scholars are being supported by the GEF's grants to Makerere University in Uganda.  Each year, the Ms. JD Global Education Fund has made it possible for two more young Ugandan women to pursue their dreams of becoming lawyers by attending the law program at Makerere University!  Ms. JD's Fourth Annual Global Education Fund (GEF) Benefit will be held on August 22, 2016 from 6:30-9 pm at Doc's Lab in San Francisco.  Each year, the Ms.…

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