Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending September 19, 2014

We constantly hear about the importance of networking but are you using your network to full advantage? Former colleagues can be an important link to new opportunities. With the news that women have fallen further behind in client development at law firms, it is all the more important to make the most of connections we already have.  Recruiting can be a long and tough experience. Make sure you aren’t making one of these mistakes in your interactions with potential employers. Don’t lose sight of your goals during recruiting, sometimes you need to say no to a job offer. If recruiting…

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The Artful Lawyer: What The Creative Process Has Taught Me About Starting My Own Law Practice

I am very excited to share that September marks the beginning of a new phase in my legal career. I have said goodbye to stable employment with state government, benefits, and an office full of great colleagues to start my own transactional law practice. Bananas, right!?! As you can probably imagine, I am feeling a good mix of emotions as I begin this adventure. I am excited, exhilarated, and hopeful, but at times I am also overwhelmed and a little nervous. But these emotions are not that much different than what it feels like to start a new creative project.…

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Sonya Laddon Rahders Receives National Award from Mortar Board

Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society recently presented the Emerging Leader Award to Sonya Laddon Rahders, B.A. Rahders, a 2014 Ms. JD Fellow, was initiated into Mortar Board at the Agathai chapter of the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. She distinguished herself as a passionate student leader at UCLA with the “Sex Squad,” which educated high school students about safe sex. Currently a third-year law student at the University of California-Hastings with a social justice concentration, Rahders is the editor-in-chief of the Hastings Women’s Law Journal, is president emerita of the UC Hastings chapter of the Law Students for Reproductive…

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Courtney Gabbara

Ms. JD Pre-Law: Controlling Your Financial Future

It is said time and time again--student loan debt is an investment into your future that cannot be taken away from you. This is true, but it still doesn’t make it any easier to digest at the end of your three years when you “get the bill.” With information right at applicants’ fingertips, it’s no secret that law school is a huge time, emotional, and financial commitment. This is why the decision to attend law school is not one that should be taken lightly. Today, more than ever, law school applicants must take on the role of savvy consumer. But…

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valerie lherrou

No Longer Extraordinary: mapping equality

The Washington Post recently published a map showing which states have the most equality in employment between men and women. Most of those states are in the northeast (but the equality cluster hugs the eastern seaboard as far south as Virginia). The Post article reports on the results of a study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, which released a preliminary report on its findings last month.  The study looked at four factors: median annual earnings; the earnings ratio between men and women; women’s share in the workforce; and the share of women in professional or managerial-level positions. These were for women…

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ms. JD Board Member Carla Laroche

1. I laugh a lot and loudly. My favorite movie is The Replacements, which I find so hysterical that it brings me to tears when I watch it. People who watch it with me, however, tend to disagree and think I am ridiculous for laughing so much. 2. My family is from Haiti. I enjoy speaking Kreyol...with an American accent. And I wish I could cook Haitian food like my mother; no matter how hard I try, it just does not taste the same.             (Picture taken by Regine Theodat while we were on top of…

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Have JD, Will Travel: The key to professionalism? Give me attitude!

Alright everyone, confession time. How many of us have seen (some of us multiple times, don't judge) the video of the three dancers totally killing their Beyonce choreo in equally killer heels? In that 2 minutes and 18 seconds of awesome times amazing, two things are clear about those fabulous men: more skill in the snap of their heads than I have in my entirely un-snappable body and attitude for days! How does this relate to professional advancement, particularly for those pursuing a nontraditional or social justice career? Oh ye of little faith. The reason you went to law school is for…

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Ms. JD Press Release: Temple Law’s Katie Cooper Davis Wins 2014 Ms. JD’s Public Interest Scholarship

Ms. JD announced that Katie Cooper Davis was awarded a 2014 Ms. JD Public Interest Scholarship.  The scholarship supports women who, in their first or second summer of law school, are pursuing a public interest internship.  Past public interest scholars have worked for judges, state attorney generals, non-profit organizations, the International Criminal Court, and international NGOs, among others.  To apply for the scholarship, students submit an essay to Ms. JD's blog at   Of the scholarship, Ms. JD's President, Katie Larkin-Wong said, "The Public Interest Scholarship is a key part of Ms. JD's commitment to supporting students who pursue…

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LSAT Anxiety and the Power of Positive Thinking

With the LSAT fast approaching, it's important to briefly step away from talk of test concepts, and focus on one of the most important, and (sadly) most-overlooked, components of test success: a positive mental outlook. That is, at some point in the next 10 days or so you should feel as though your conceptual preparation is complete, and your focus should begin to shift instead towards preparing yourself mentally for an amazing test day experience. Here are a few keys tips that will help get you mentally ready in the days ahead. Look at the test as an enjoyable event. One of…

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Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical Advice for New Lawyers

Q: As a new associate, how much can I change the firm? A: That should not be the first thing on your mind when you walk in the door. But here is the answer: As a brand new lawyer, you probably have less influence over change than most other lawyers. You are likely to have more influence than staff members (except the non-lawyers who run the place). Isaac Ruiz, a partner at a Seattle firm, developed a list of personas that he counsels new associates to avoid. One of those is “The Union Leader,” the associate who “swoops into the…

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