5 Good College Habits to Hold Onto in the Real World

During the years that you spend as an undergrad and in law school, you pick up a number of different habits. Some of these, like waiting until the last minute to get an assignment done, staying up all night to cram, or hanging out too late at the bar, should all be dropped once you celebrate graduation day. These types of behaviors won’t assist you in the real world once you find a job and try to advance your career. However, you don’t have to abandon everything that you learned in college to ensure the best success in the future.…

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Five Ways to Promote Litigation Wins

Dear Ms. JD, With the end of year rapidly approaching, it's always a good idea to focus on professional goals for the upcoming year. Several of my clients have asked me how to promote litigation wins and to help them grow their practice. What are the best ways to promote litigation wins? Here are five suggestions to get you started: Media Outreach – If it’s not too old, it may be news. Identify  publications that  might be interested in the story, and create story ideas designed to interest their readers. Do your homework, make sure the reporter and the publication are a…

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The Protégé Effect: Teaching as a Study Tool in Law School

My poor husband, a lawyer, has had the misfortune of experiencing law school twice. First, he actually completed it himself, and now he lives through it again as I explain endless legal doctrines to him each semester at home. He's a good sport. He listens and asks questions as if he doesn't know the answer. He lets me teach him what he already knows. I've had quite a bit of success in law school. I have excelled on exams, done well applying what I've learned at work, and secured a post-graduation job. I attribute much of that success to my method…

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An Interview with Jessie Kornberg—First Female CEO of Bet Tzedek

Jessie Kornberg, who previously served as Ms. JD’s executive director, recently was named the first female CEO of legal services nonprofit Bet Tzedek. Ms. Kornberg will leave her position with Los Angeles-based firm Bird Marella in December 2014 to begin her tenure at Bet Tzedek. I recently spoke with Ms. Kornberg about her new position, what drives her pro bono service, and what advice she’d give to law students and young lawyers. You don’t come from a family of lawyers. What inspired you to attend law school? I started thinking I would go to law school in the 5th grade when…

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The Incredible Men (TIM) Initiative Featuring Timothy Miller

Ms. JD is launching The Incredible Men (TIM) Initiative this month to celebrate men who are active champions for women’s advancement in the legal profession. These men not only value equality and diversity in the profession, but earnestly and enthusiastically support women and women’s initiatives. The first incredible man we want to feature is Timothy Miller, the initiative's namesake and member of the Board of Directors of Ms. JD. We had a few questions for Tim:  1. You are the only male on the Ms. JD Board. What's it like to be surrounded by women? I get asked this question a lot,…

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To Put a Ring on It…or Not? Ant-Discrimination Laws Say it’s Okay to Like it for Interviews.

Worried about a big interview? Instead of debating skirt or pants, some believe it’s the engagement ring that should be ditched during an interview. According to a survey conducted by Forbes Woman, around 29 percent of women believed that wearing an engagement ring at an interview would improve their chances at being hired. 50 percent of women believed that the presence of a marital ring would not have an influence on the final outcome of the hiring process. 21 percent believed that it would negatively affect an interview. These discrepancies suggest conflicting assumptions regarding engaged/married women. On one hand, married…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending November 21, 2014

When Deborah Misir requested a trial delay due to her high-risk pregnancy, the judge questioned her travel plans and her request has now been denied. In recent months, we’ve also seen a judge refusing to postpone a hearing forcing an attorney on maternity leave to bring her newborn daughter to court while the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar is reviewing their decision to deny certain accommodations requested by an applicant that would allow her to breastfeed during the exam. It is no secret that becoming a parent presents unique challenges; Susan Smith Blakely addressed the particularly challenging experience…

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Being a Woman in the “Law Field”

Becoming a lawyer or working in another related position in the field of law is a decision more and more women are making. As of February 2014, there are over 100,000 women members of the American Bar Association, according to a study conducted by the Commission on Women in the Profession. A September 2012 study conducted by the American Bar Association revealed that while only 33 percent of the practicing lawyers are female, they accounted for 47 percent of the law degrees issued. This number went up by one percent in 2014 according to the Commission on Women in the…

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ALL| A Lawyer’s Life: The Honorable Faith S. Hochberg.

This interview was first published on ALL | A Lawyer's Life (, a place to find captivating, one-of-a-kind interviews with lawyers who have found success and happiness, both inside and outside of the law. ALL aims to be relevant to all lawyers, while focusing on issues facing female lawyers  Faith S. Hochberg, Federal District Judge and former U.S. attorney, stands five feet three inches tall, her blonde hair framing quick eyes and an engaging smile. Behind that disarming visage lies a story of countless firsts, decades of hard work and, ultimately, triumph. But this is not a story of perfection. It…

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Susan Smith Blakely

What Happens After Maternity Leave Is a Challenging Experience

Returning to law practice after having a baby is one of the most difficult times in the work-life challenge that women lawyers experience.  It is a confusing and sleep-deprived time for these women, and they could use a little understanding of their situations. To help them through it, I have enlisted the help of Lori Mihalich-Levin, a Georgetown Law grad, the Director of Hospital and GME Payment Policies at the Association of American Medical Colleges, and the founder of Mindful Return, a blog and e-course designed to help new mother-lawyers returning to work after maternity leave feel present and empowered. …

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