Virtual Reality law clinic on July 12th from 6 to 9:30 p.m.

A colleague on my NYC Bar Committee on Women in the Legal Profession shared this event with me, please share with your networks if you are interested in learning about this HOT TOPIC. Note that privacy is one of the most-sought after skills for lawyers these days. Why not join? Event Description VR Law Clinic A Workshop Addressing the Legal Questions of Innovators and Entrepreneurs Working with Virtual Reality Technologies    Are you in the process of (or considering) developing a virtual reality-related technology, or starting up a company to commercialize it? Have you considered all of the practical legal…

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Interview with Mariam Zadeh: A Career in Mediation

Mariam Zadeh is currently a mediator at First Mediation Corporation in Los Angeles, CA.  She received her L.L.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University in 2006 and received her J.D. at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 1995.  She specializes in mediating employment, class action, insurance, and commercial matters.  She has been featured since 2007 as a SuperLawyer in Southern California Super Lawyers magazine and since 2010 in the Best Lawyers in America magazine. How did you end up pursuing mediation as a career? I think everyone gets into it a bit differently.  I was litigating in…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Are Women Lawyers Held to Higher Ethical Standards Than Their Male Colleagues?

I love listening to NPR while I am driving in my car.  Fortunately, or unfortunately as it may be, I live in the Washington, DC area where traffic is worse than most places in the country.  As a result, I spend a lot of time in my car in traffic.  The silver lining is that it gives me a lot of time with NPR. Recently, while listening to All Things Considered, I heard about a study examining unconscious and subtle biases within the context of whether men or women are more ethical at work.  In examining which group, men or…

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How to Keep Motivated and Mentally Active Over the Summer If You Don’t Have an Internship

You’re probably panicking a little because you don’t have an internship this summer. But it’s important to realize that you aren’t the only one. Many other students didn’t get internships either. There are plenty of alternative options for you to do over the summer to keep your mind active, focused and ready for the next school year ahead. Keep Looking for an Internship Summer isn’t the only time you can get an internship. A lot of companies offer internships in the fall and spring semesters as well. If you didn’t get one in the summer, start applying for opportunities in…

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The Disenchanted Young Lawyer

Practicing law is demanding and extremely stressful.  Even the most balanced lawyer feels at some point the pressures of working in the legal field.  It is not surprising that often studies show that lawyers have a higher than normal level of emotional and mental issues: According to a Johns Hopkins University study, researchers found that lawyers lead the nation with the highest incidence of depression. An ABA Young Lawyers Division survey indicated that 41 percent of female attorneys were unhappy with their jobs. The ABA estimates that 15-20 percent of all U.S. lawyers suffer from alcoholism or substance abuse. That is one in five attorney!…

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Women Can Do Anything: Lessons from the White House’s United State of Women Summit

The air was buzzing with optimism and revolutionary spirit. The amount of talent, intellect, passion, and collective perseverance was positively inspiring and overwhelming in the best way possible. And the physical experience of witnessing 5,000 women in the same room, supporting the advancement and empowerment of women, made us realize that anything is possible. Yes, anything! As the representatives of the Women Serve on Boards Movement to the first-ever United State of Women Summit, sponsored by the White House in Washington DC on June 13-15, we were awestruck and empowered. It was beyond exciting to rub shoulders with amazing local…

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Kellyn McGee

Turning the Page: Summer Stops for No One

Savannah Law School graduated its second class in May.  Kayley and her classmates now have a new group of fellow alumni joining them on the journey from student to lawyer, including a stop at the bar...exam.  May was a busy month for Kayley: she had volunteered with the campaigns for the re-election of the judge she completed her first externship in law school with and for his staff attorney, who was running for clerk of court in our county.  Those campaigns were fraught with negativity that is hard to bear when you personally know the candidates and you want them…

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Susan Smith Blakely

ACI Conference for Women Lawyers in the Life Science Practice Space

I am so pleased to be a part of a conference that will convene in Boston on July 28 and 29, 2016 to address the issues of leadership and advancement for women lawyers in life science law.  I will be moderating a panel titled "Tales from the Top on Effective Leadership:  Concrete Tips for Influencing and Motivating Others in the Life Sciences Legal Space."  My fellow panelists are leading in-house C-Suite and General Counsel Office lawyers from major life sciences corporations, and we also are joined by a partner and head of life sciences litigation at a top tier international…

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Now before I start talking about the ins and outs of law school applications, let me preface the title of this series. When I say get in where you fit in, please don’t take offense. By no means should you associate the common catchphrase with a negative connotation. In this particular context, it simply means that YOU possess the power and the prowess to get yourself into whatever school you desire to attend. So, instead of crafting your application to tailor yourself to be the typical cookie cutter applicant, design an outline that will leave an admissions committee (ad com)…

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Your Brain, Law School, and Law Practice: It’s All in the Framing

Let me intrude on a lovely June day with some disturbing hypothetical questions (not at all out of character for a law professor).  Suppose that you were contemplating a risky medical procedure.  In scenario 1, the doctor tells you that, “Of those who undergo this medical procedure, ninety percent are alive after five years.”  Alternatively, she tells you, “Of those who have undergone this procedure, ten percent are dead after five years.”  Would you give the same answer to both questions?  Ninety percent alive is equivalent to ten percent dead so the answer should be the same.   But the difference…

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