Since 2006, Ms. JD has set out to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers. For nearly twenty years, we have done so with thoughtful in-person and virtual programming that increases access and provides a supportive network for women in the legal profession and their allies.

We believe in the simple truth that women's victories are everyone's victories. We invite you to share in some of ours:

Creating a More Accessible Path

In 2023, Ms. JD provided free resources and programs to more than  700 pre-law students, helping them navigate the law school admissions process and prepare to successfully enter law school. We want to help more!

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders in the Profession

In 2023, Ms. JD supported more than 500 women law students with free and low-cost programs, enabling them to develop critical leadership skills, grow their networks, and enhance their professional development. We want to reach more!

Breaking Barriers Together

Our Fellowship Program has provided more than 180 rising 3L students with mentorship and invaluable opportunities for networking, skill-building, and professional growth. We want to accelerate more!

Transforming Futures

Through the Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker Civil Rights Scholarship and the Ms. JD Public Interest Scholarship, we have awarded over 50 women law students with scholarships, enabling them to pursue critical public interest work and opening doors to a successful legal career. We want to award more!


Empowering Women,

Enriching Society

We have empowered more than 370 aspiring and early career women attorneys to become confident, assertive leaders, driving positive change in their organizations, communities, and the legal profession through our annual LaddHer Up retreat. We want to empower more!

"[LaddHer Up] is all in on vulnerability, on authenticity, on courage. It taught me how to be a better woman in the law, how to be a better friend, how to be a better listener, how to stand up for myself, and how to take what I want out of this life that I have. Thank you LaddHer Up and thank you Ms JD."

-Baylee Beeman, Associate at Pillsbury

"The Ms. JD Leadership Academy Intensive was indeed a unique experience. I connected with other fantastic law students who want to be trailblazers, trendsetters, and change-makers. It inspired me beyond words."

- Melissa Lucien, Law Student

"[LaddHer Up] was the most enriching conference I've ever been to, except for maybe last year's LaddHer Up. The women are incredible. The power is incredible. It gives me great pleasure to help these true star associates and give back to the profession. "

- Audrey Rubin, Former General Counsel and President at Rubin Solutions